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Current Award Recipients

Lotka & Volterra Student Presentation Awards (2020)

Ashwini Ramesh, Volterra Award for Best Talk
Indiana University Bloomington
Within-host parasite dynamics: Insights from food web modules and feedback loops
Coauthor: Spencer Hall 

Christina Hernandez, Lotka Award for Best Poster
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Maternal effect senescence and fitness: A demographic analysis of a novel model organism
Coauthors: Silke F. van Daalen, Hal Caswell, Michael G. Neubert, Kristin E. Gribble

Past Years’ Recipients

Outstanding Ecological Theory Paper Award (2021)

The 2021 award goes to Nikunj Goel and collaborators Vishwesha Guttal, Simon Levin, and Carla Staver.

In their AmNat paper “Dispersal Increases the Resilience of Tropical Savanna and Forest Distributions”, they shed light on how the combination of dispersal with bistability can act to determine biome boundaries and predict changes in these boundaries over time.  The theory section committee enjoyed how the combination of theory development and empirical data gave insight into an important ecological question.

We had some terrific papers nominated this year, and the committee were enlightened by the many contributions to theoretical ecology that we read. In particular, we would also like to give an honourable mention to Lauren Shoemaker, Allison Barner, Leonora Bittleston and Ashley Teufel for their Ecology Letters paper entitled: “Quantifying the relative importance of variation in predation and the environment for species coexistence”. Their paper develops the integration of coexistence theory with trophic interactions.

Past Years’ Recipients
Instruction for application to the awards can be found here.