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Share Your Resources

As we move toward a multidimensional approach to ecology education, the 4DEE Subcommittee welcomes your ideas and contributions that illustrate how to teach and assess and/or develop and implement programs using the 4DEE framework.

Please consider sharing exemplary lesson ideas, case studies, program outlines etc. through the EcoEd Digital Library.

Instructions on how to submit your resources to the EcoEd Digital Library.

To ensure that your resources are linked to the 4DEE, please use the following url: when entering your submission information into the EcoEd Digital Library.

Benefits to uploading

  • All resources undergo the peer review process
  • Resources will be assigned a unique DOI
  • Add your publication to your resume or CV
  • Published resources will be featured in 3 separate library portals (EcoEd DL, Plant DL, & EvoEd DL)