A Special Session held during ESA's Annual Meeting


10th Resources for Ecology Education – Fair & Share (REEFS)

Monday, August 6, 2018: 10:15 AM-11:30 AM

2018 ESA Annual Meeting,  New Orleans, LA

Resources for Ecology Education – Fair and Share (REEFS) is an annual workshop held during ESA’s Annual Meeting. Since 2008, it has been organized jointly by ESA’s Office of Education and Diversity and the ESA Education Section.


Teaching ideas at all levels of development are welcome. For those who are developing a new activity, this is an opportunity for you to get immediate feedback. For those with tested activities, come share your teaching resource. We are especially looking for ideas that help advance the core concepts and competencies embodied in Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education. We welcome your participation as education leaders!   
Session Format:
This session is designed for you to build or enhance lesson plans or activities with a peer working group. Each lesson or idea will be presented by the author in a small group with up to 9 other participants. There will be time for each author to describe their lesson idea. Then discussions will follow to provide feedback and ideas regarding the core concepts addressed, methodology, misconceptions, assessment or educational extensions. Presenters will have 25 minutes: about 10-15 mins to present their ideas and have 10-15 minutes for feedback. 
This session is organized in part, to encourage submissions to EcoEd Digital Library. We invite you to submit your resource so that it can be shared with the wider ecology education community. 
If you have questions about your presentation, please contact Kathy Shea Education Section Chair:
For questions about ESA’s EcoEd Digital Library, please contact Teresa Mourad, Director, ESA Education and Diversity Programs

 Session Description

The goal of the 10th Annual REEFS session is to provide faculty an opportunity to learn about favorite classroom activities from colleagues and to learn about what they are doing to engage their undergraduate students using student-active methods. Faculty at all levels of experience are encouraged to participate. Participants will join in up to four groups with a presenter who will share an existing teaching activity or a new teaching idea being developed. Groups will discuss what educators need to know to implement an activity in their own courses or provide feedback on the new idea.  Presenters will lead a discussion on how each activity could be improved, tailored, and/or adapted for use in different learning environments.

Program Agenda

  • Roundtable presentations and discussion led by your peers – select up to four presentations
  • Learn about digital publishing options in ESA’s EcoEd Digital Library to encourage broad dissemination.


  • Learn about what colleagues are doing to engage their undergraduate students using active learning methods.
  • Improve classroom activities via the exchange of constructive feedback.
  • Foster a network of support in advancing ecology education.
  • Promote the recommendations of the Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education Call to Action.
  • Encourage digital publishing of teaching resources through ESA’s EcoEd Digital Library (EcoEdDL) and Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology (TIEE)


Undergraduate instructors and educators at all levels of teaching are welcome to participate in the REEFS Sessions.  All presenters and participants must be registered attendees of the ESA Annual Meeting.

Workshop fee: $0


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