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Transforming Ecology Education

Transforming Ecology Education to 4D (TEE) is a Research Coordination Network RCN) for undergraduate biology education funded by the National Science Foundation which seeks to create a new network of faculty and academic program administrators with leadership by the Ecological Society of America (ESA). This $499,700 award will support the implementation of the 4DEE framework over the next four years.

Read the blogpost here: ESA wins NSF Award to Transform Ecology Education!

 TEE RCN Goals

  1. Catalyze the production of exemplar curricular materials and tools that are aligned to the 4DEE framework.
  2. Foster inclusive practices for diverse student populations to engage in ecology both online and on-campus.
  3. Leverage connections to existing networks relevant to ecology education that will accelerate the adoption of the 4DEE framework.

TEE Network Approach

TEE presents an opportunity to explore the unique role of a disciplinary society in encouraging innovation and motivating a network of core volunteer leaders and distributed faculty in multiple institutions and across multiple networks.

By utilizing a network approach to foster curricular change, TEE seeks to understand:

  1. How the structure and power of networks can catalyze and accelerate innovation when championed by a disciplinary society
  2. How resources, expertise, and networks are utilized or leveraged
  3. How network relationships and interactions can be sustained over time