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Current Activities

7th Life Discovery – Doing Science Education Conference

Friday, October 1st, 2021 in Estes Park, Colorado

4DEE Workshop at 10:30 AM MT

Title: Using the 4-Dimensional Ecology Education (4DEE) Framework to Create Learning Opportunities for Non-Majors

Presenters: Vikki Rodgers, Babson College and Sara Scanga, Utica College

Abstract: What are the key ecology concepts, practices, interactions, and themes all students should learn, regardless of their major? This workshop will begin by briefly introducing the 4DEE framework and then participants will identify which ecology concepts they teach in their non-majors, general education, and introductory classes. Groups will be formed to focus on the concepts identified to be most important for teaching non-majors and these groups will be led through an exercise to create an effective hands-on learning activity integrating the chosen concepts. Groups will be encouraged to finalize the activity and to test it in their own classroom settings. Although the focus of the workshop will be for those teaching non-majors, there will be a group dedicated to teaching majors as well.

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