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2021 Annual Report

In this year's report, we reflect on advancements we made and celebrate our latest achievements.

Supporting the Community of Ecologists

Infographic showing communication channels for the ESA.

Disseminating Ecological Knowledge

Publishing science is at the heart of what we do as the world’s largest society of ecologists, and not only did we publish an incredible number of articles in 2021, we also saw the effects of that publishing ripple across the scientific and popular media.

Building an Inclusive Society

ESA’s efforts to build both a more inclusive society and a more diverse science of ecology had a banner year in 2021. We celebrated our historical successes while simultaneously making great strides in the present and looking ahead to new ways to make ESA a place for all ecologists.

Infographic showing membership based on ethnicity, gender, member type and affiliation.

Infographic showing membership based on geographic location.

The World’s Largest Community of Ecologists

The challenges posed by pandemic made it hard for us to be the same kind of well-connected community we’ve been historically, but members’ loyalty to their Society and community was truly inspiring. We are able to grow best when we grow together!

Informing Science Policy

Our support for sound policy supported by science continued unabated in 2021, and we even expanded some of our work. ESA members continued to show their commitment to engaging in scientific policy, while the leadership made sure that ESA was always part of the discussion in federal decision-making.

Strengthening Ecological Careers

As a professional society, the career advancement of our members is central to our mission. In 2021, our members found that our support for careers in ecology took a big step forward, and they resopnded in kind by enthusiastically jumping into our programs.

Leadership Matters

We had a year of challenges and opportunities in 2021, and, as our leadership has time and again, they rose to the occasion and steered the Society toward a more promising future.

Past President Kathleen Weathers

Respect and Recognition

Our science — and therefore the Society — benefit from having a great core of supporters. Volunteer leaders, donors and members who respect their peers and nominate them for leadership roles are vital to our ability to serve the international community of ecologists.