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Leadership Matters


We had a year of challenges and opportunities in 2021, and, as our leadership has time and again, they rose to the occasion and steered the Society toward a more promising future. As an organization, we revamped our governance to make it more responsive and representative of the membership, created two new committees to better address our strategic priorities and overhauled our approach to professional development for ecologists.

This letter from past president Kathleen Weathers details some of our major accomplishments in support more inclusion in science and our Society, while this message from Executive Director Catherine O’Riordan digs into the successes of the leadership and staff working together.

2021 Governing Board


Dennis Ojima
Colorado State University


Kathleen Weathers
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Past President

Osvaldo Sala
Arizona State University

Vice President for Finance

Jeannine Cavender-Bares
University of Minnesota


Jessica Gurevitch
Stony Brook University

Vice President for Education
and Human Resources

Carmen Cid
Eastern Connecticut State University

Vice President for Public Affairs

Laura Petes
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association

Vice President for Science

Diane Pataki
Arizona State University

Member At-large

Zoe Cardon
Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory

Member At-large

Jacqueline Gill
University of Maine

Member At-large

Sasha Reed
U.S. Geological Survey Southwest Biological Center

2021 Board of Professional Certification


Tim Nuttle
Oikos Ecology LLC
Steven Archer
University of Arizona
Mary Barber
RTI International
Steven Jones
GFD Pty, Ltd
Zakiya Leggett
North Carolina State University
Paul Schmalzer
NASA Kennedy Space Center, IMSS
Diane Wickland

2021 Editors in Chief


Kathryn Cottingham
Dartmouth College

Ecological Applications

Juan Corley
Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina

Ecological Monographs

Aimee Classen
University of Michigan


Debra Peters

Frontiers in Ecology
and the Environment

Rich Wallace
Ecological Society of America

Bulletin of the
Ecological Society of America

Ed Johnson
University of Calgary

Issues in Ecology

Serita Frey
University of New Hampshire

Book Review Editor

Stephen Matter
University of Cincinnati

2021 Committee Members

See this page for a full list of ESA’s Board, program and administrative committees; note that the Society’s governance reform changed the

2021 Section and Chapter Chairs

Section Chairs

Andrew Cartmill
Applied Ecology
Ajay Sharma
Aquatic Ecology
John Kominoski
Asian Ecology
Lin Jiang
Steven Allison
Black Ecologists
Nyeema Harris
Communication &

Robert Newman
Disease Ecology
Sarah Budischak
Early Career Ecologists
Cari Ficken
Ecological Restoration
Jonathan Bauer
Tracy Gartner
Environmental Justice
Jorge Ramos
Human Ecology
V. Beth Kueser
Inclusive Ecology
Allyson Salisbury
Invasion Ecology
Jessica Welch
Long-term Studies
Morgan Ernest
Microbial Ecology
Mario Muscarella
Natural History
Susannah Lerman
Caitlin McDonough MacKenzie
Physiological Ecology
Michael Loik
Plant Population Ecology
Nicole Rafferty
Charlotte Levy
Rangeland Ecology
Daniel Rubenstein
Researchers at
Undergraduate Institutions

Daniel Scholes
Soil Ecology
Daniel Stover
Statistical Ecology
Masami Fujiwara
Student Section
Callie Oldfield
Theoretical Ecology
James O’Dwyer
Traditional Ecological

James Rattling Leaf
Urban Ecosystem Ecology
Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman
Kyle Palmquist

Chapter Chairs

Mark Boyce
Great Lakes
Kenneth Zidell
Latin America
Diogo Provete
Vince D’Amico
Charles Kwit
Tara Bishop

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