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Disseminating Ecological Knowledge

Publishing science is at the heart of what we do as the world’s largest society of ecologists, and not only did we publish an incredible number of articles in 2021, we also saw the effects of that publishing ripple across the scientific and popular media.

Ecological Knowledge by the Numbers

  • 165,000 views of Issues in Ecology
  • 11.5% ESA journal citations as % of all ecology
  • 158 press releases on articles in ESA journals
  • 1,100+ articles published in ESA journals
  • 2,266 our highest Alt Metrics score
  • 8 4DEE events at #ESA2021

All told, science published by ESA resulted in more than 4.75 million views across the world, and papers in our journals resulted in media placements from such top-of-the-line outlets as Discovery, National Public Radio and the Washington Post, as well as smaller publications and blogs. Our ever-growing social media presence certainly contributed, as Alt Metrics scores for popular articles get bigger every year.

Infographic showing communication channels for the ESA.

Our members’ work contributed in other ways as well. Issues in Ecology, which uses research to tackle key questions in society, contributed to deeper understandings of ecology and how good science can inform decisionmaking. And our Four Dimensional Ecology Education framework, endorsed by the Governing Board in 2018, continued to grow in both refinement and adoption, as members visited multiple events at the Annual Meeting to learn how best to apply the framework to their own classrooms.