Onja Razafindratsima, a graduate student at Rice University, observes a lemur in a Madagascar rainforest. Razafindratsima led a three-year study to explore the relationship between lemurs and trees. Lemurs eat the fruit and spread its seeds far from the parent tree. Credit, Onja Razafindratsima/Rice University. When polar bears meet glaucous gulls over the remains of a bowhead whale, they may be sharing more than a meal. As the warming climate brings animals into new proximity, parasites, viruses, and bacteria can find opportunities to spread to new and naïve hosts, sometimes jumping from birds to mammals, and from marine ecosystems to land ecosystems. Credit, USGS. Hon. Bart Gordon of Tennessee speaks to legislative staffers about climate engineering on Dec. 4, 2014.
Onja Razafindratsima/ Rice University USGS Liza Lester/ESA

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CENTENNIAL: What ideas and discoveries have had the biggest influence on the field of ecology over the last century? From food chains to ecosystems, mathematical modeling to the conservation movement, a diverse set of conceptual milestones stood out to the ecologists commenting in blogs and social forums this December.  Read a roundup of the discussion so far. Join the conversation at #ESA100.

MENTORING WORKS! January is National Mentoring Month. SEEDS could not do what we do without our mentors! As part of the Centennial celebration, we invite our mentors to share your reflections as a SEEDS mentor and we call students to express your thanks to those who have mentored you on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag: #SEEDSMentors. Learn more on our SEEDS Mentoring Month page

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Ecology December 14

Can interspecific variation in partner quality affect population dynamics in plant species? In the December 2014 issue of Ecology, Bruna et al. explore the effects of mutualist partner identity on plant demography. Pictured is the Amazonian shrub Maieta guianensis; its leaf pouches are colonized by specialized ant species. Photo credit: B. D. Inouye.  


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2015 Annual Meeting:
ESA’s Centennial Celebration

ESA’s 100th Annual Meeting will be held August 9-14, 2015. Join us in beautiful downtown Baltimore to celebrate ESA’s first century and usher in the next. www.esa.org/baltimore