Staff Directory

1990 M Street NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036 (see map)
general inquires: (202) 833-8773, Fax (202) 833-8775,

Executive Office

  • Executive Director: Katherine S. McCarter (ext. 206)
    For questions on Long Range Planning Grants or any other questions about the society
  • Chief Financial Officer: Elizabeth Biggs (ext. 203)
    For information on budgets or any other financial matter


  • Convention and Meetings Manager: Christi R. Nam (ext. 213)
    Questions about annual meeting
  • Associate Director Information Systems: Thet K. Oo (ext. 204)
  • Governance and Administration Associate: Isabelle Jargowsky (ext. 201)
  • Finance & Accounting Associate: Aye Thaingi Kyaw (ext. 208)
    Questions pertaining to billing
  • Exhibits and Meetings Manager: Faye Pastor (ext. 226)
    Annual meeting, registration and exhibit questions 
  • Membership Manager:  Tanya Pendleton (ext. 216)
    Membership and certification, institutional subscription questions, current list of section or chapter members 
  • Webmaster: Gordon Potter (ext. 210)
    For general website questions, chapter & section website questions

Public Affairs Office

Science Office

  • Director of Science Programs: Dr. Clifford Duke (ext. 202)
  • Science Programs Manager: Jill Petraglia Parsons (ext. 209)
  • Science Programs Coordinator:Jennifer Riem (ext. 218)
  • Science Programs Assistant: Kimberly Quach (ex. 236)

Education and Diversity Programs Office

  • Director of Education and Diversity Programs: Teresa Mourad (ext. 234)
  • Diversity Programs Coordinator: Fred Abbott (ext. 235)

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment