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Figure 1 from MacArthur's 1958 paper in Ecology with black-throated green warbler photographed by Dan Pancamo Wiring food webs at Lake George. Ecological rhetorical associations, animated.
Robert MacArthur/ Dan Pancamo Brian Mattes Ray Dybzinski and Gord McNickle.

New from ESA

ANNUAL REPORT: this year, we have moved to an online format that allows multimedia content and gives readers an option to click through for more details on specific highlights and projects.   Take a moment to revisit the highlights of ESA’s centennial year and the society’s reflections on the past, present, and future of ecology.

SUSTAINING BIOLOGICAL INFRASTRUCTURE: rolling enrollment is still open for the June 2016 class in the popular SBI training course series. Apply now!

POLICY: Dan Evans and 17 colleagues synthesize the scientific literature on one the of the strongest environmental laws in the United States, making six broad recommendations to improve its performance in protection of endangered species in “Species recovery in the United States: increasing the effectiveness of the Endangered Species Act,” [pdf] the winter 2016 edition of Issues in Ecology.  Read the press release.

EDUCATION: registration is open for the 3rd Life Discovery—Doing Science Education Conference on 18-19 March 2016 in Baltimore, Md. Join us to connect learning to careers and current events, and build bridges across education settings. Early-bird registration ends on 31 January 2016!



Journals and Publications

Frontiers December 2015
Current restoration initiatives typically focus on either plants or animals, but should also consider interactions between the two taxa. In the February issue of Frontiers, JF Brodie discusses the need for greater collaboration between animal and plant ecologists during planning and implementation of ecological restoration projects.


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Annual Meeting

101st ESA Annual Meeting
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
August 7 – 12, 2016

ESA 2016 theme: Novel Ecosystems in the Anthropocene

Deadline for contributed lightning talks, contributed poster, and contributed talks is Feb. 25, 2016.

Registration and housing will open April 1, 2016.