An adult emerald ash borer (Agrilus plantipenis). Credit, K Oten. Butcher, baker, and brewer. This image illustrates the strikingly simple but powerful analogy between man-made and natural systems. By looking at the functional structure of coral reef fish communities through a human eye, we find butchers, bakers, and brewers, but also diligent, cranky farmerfish, visually pleasing but ecologically negligible aesthetes, or worthless aristocrats. Using this approach, we can begin to answer some of the most pressing questions in coral reef biology. What are the origins and future trajectories of coral reefs and their fishy inhabitants? How do humans affect this perfectly balanced market? And do more brewers really make a happier system? Credit, Simon J. Brandl These are not your urban lawn flamingos! This pair dancing in the low tide in Mumbai’s busy harbor are Lesser Flamingos, considered near-threatened species due to declining populations in Africa and India. Yet, over the past decade, some 10-25 thousand of them have been turning up in Mumbai’s Thane Creek to spend the winter right in the middle of a megacity of over 20 million people. I photographed this pair just a year ago at Sewri Port, an industrial dockyard area known more for repairing boats than harboring such wildlife, which now teems in the creek’s recovering mangroves. Credit, Madhusudan Katti.
K. Oten Simon Brandl Madhusudan Katti

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New ESA/ESC joint journal now ready for submissions

Ecosystem Health and Sustainability (EHS), a new journal to be published jointly by the Ecological Society of America and the  Ecological Society of China is now ready to accept submissions. If your research interest is macro-ecology and sustainability science, please visit the EHS website (www.ecohealthsustain.org) for instructions to authors and other information and then upload  via EHS’s EcoTrack submission system (ehs.esapubs.org). Be among the first to publish in this exciting new online open-access international publication. Launch date: January 2015.

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Ecology July 14

Landscape connectivity is an important theme in ecology and conservation, and determining movement path redundancies of organisms in a landscape can lead to a better understanding of this connectivity. In the June edition of Ecology, Fletcher et al. explore this topic in a mark-recapture field study of the cactus bug Chelinidea vittiger, pictured here. Photo credit: Christine W. Miller.



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MEETING ALERTS:      Cancelled Activities – FT-3, FT-8, and FT-12      Filled Activities – FT-1, FT-5, FT-18, FT-19, WK-1, WK-3, WK-10, and WK-16      

ESA Annual Meeting, Sacramento, CAThe 99th Annual Meeting will be held August 10-15, 2014, in Sacramento, CA. The theme for the meeting is “From Oceans to Mountains: It’s All Ecology.”

ESA 99th Annual Meeting in Sacramento
The deadline for companies and organizations to sign up to participate at the ESA 99th Annual Meeting may be months away, but exhibit space and print advertising are selling well. To ensure your preferred locations for each, please don’t delay in submitting the required Application Form. Prospectus of Opportunities, and related documents can be found under Exhibitors tab at the meeting web site, www.esa.org/sacramento.