Sydney Blankers Cleo Chou Natalie Hambalek Emlyn Resetarits
Sydney Blankers Cleo Chou Natalie Hambalek Emlyn Resetarits

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GRADUATE STUDENT POLICY AWARD: ESA has selected Sydney Blankers (University of Illinois at Chicago) Cleo Chou (Princeton University), Natalie Hambalek (Oregon State University) and Emlyn Resetarits (University of Texas at Austin) to participate in two days of science policy activities, including meetings with congressional offices, in Washington, DC, this May. Press release.

NEW JOURNAL: This March, ESA and the Ecological Society of China unite to publish the first issue of Ecosystem Heath and Sustainability, an open access journal designed to foster communication of applied ecological research across national and disciplinary borders. EHS aims to raise the profile of ecological research from regions of exuberant industrial development, accompanied by profuse and rapid ecological change. Learn more.

CENTENNIAL: What might ecology look like in fifty years? Enter the #ESA100 Centennial Writing Contest and imagine a day in the life of an ecologist in the year 2065. Winning entries will be edited and published in Frontiers in Ecology and the EnvironmentSubmit by 27 March 2015.


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Frontiers April 2015

As Arctic sea-ice extent continues to decline, it has been suggested that polar bears (Ursus maritimus) may adapt by switching to terrestrial foods. In the April issue of Frontiers, Rode et al. review the nutritional needs of polar bears and show that consumption of seabird eggs, berries, and other terrestrial foods cannot offset the loss of ice-based hunting opportunities.


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2015 Annual Meeting:
ESA’s Centennial Celebration

ESA’s 100th Annual Meeting will be held August 9-14, 2015. Join us in beautiful downtown Baltimore to celebrate ESA’s first century and usher in the next. www.esa.org/baltimore