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2016 Election Results

Governing Board


Laura F. Huenneke (Northern Arizona University) ude.uannull@ekenneuH.aruaL

(1 year as President-elect August 2017–August 2018, President August 2018–August 2019, and Past President August 2019–August 2020)

Vice President for Finance

Evan DeLucia (University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign) ude.sionillinull@aiculed

(3-year term August 2017–August 2020)

Vice President for Public Affairs

Frank Davis (University of California, Santa Barbara) ude.bscu.nerbnull@dwf

(3-year term August 2017–August 2020)


Gillian Bowser (Colorado State University) ude.etatsolocnull@reswobg

(one position; 2-year term August 2017–August 2019)

Board of Professional Certification

Damian Preziosi (Integral Consulting, Inc) moc.proc-largetninull@isoizerpd
Sylvie Brouder (Purdue University) ude.eudrupnull@reduorbs

(Two positions; terms are for three calendar years starting 1 January 2017 and ending 31 December 2019)