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Past Presidents seated together for a group photo.

ESA’s Evolving Leadership

In 1982, these twelve ESA presidents and past-presidents gathered at the annual meeting for a photo. They represent 32 years of ESA history, from 1951 to 1981, but quite a few are missing. The earliest president in attendance for this photo is Samuel Charles Kendeigh, who served in 1951, immediately following ESA’s first female president, E. Lucy Braun, who was…

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David Lodge, ESA President, 2016-17

At the 2016 annual meeting in Fort Lauderdale, David Lodge took office as ESA’s president. As Director of the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future at Cornell University, he is an expert on invasive species, with research focused on freshwater ecology; invasive species biology and bioeconomics; ecological risk analysis; global changes and biodiversity; and environmental ethics and policy.In September, Dr….

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Past Presidents Addresses

After their term is up, presidents of the ESA give a speech. Originally a “President’s Address,” this task later became a primary project of the outgoing Past President. Addresses are given at the Annual ESA Meeting one year after the president leaves office and two years after a president takes office. They are published in the ESA Bulletin the following…

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The Council Member-at-Large positions started in 1948 and were transferred to the Governing Board on its creation in 1995. Three members-at-large are elected for two-year terms. All officers assume their positions at the conclusion of the annual meeting. Past and current Members-at-Large are displayed in the table below, which may be sorted by name, office, or year by clicking on…

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Secretaries and Treasurers

Originally, ESA members elected a President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer, so this was a combined role. A separate office of Treasurer was created in 1939, but was gradually supplanted by the Business Manager office, created in 1952/54. Transitions in office occur at the annual meeting each year. “For the first 22 years of its existence, ESA had a combination secretary-treasurer. Recognizing…

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Business Manager

The Business Manager office began as a position supporting production of the Society’s journals in 1920. It was discontinued in 1995, with the reorganization that created a Governing Board and professional paid staff to replace the ESA Council that was organized in 1946. According to Robert Burgess, who wrote a history of the Society circa 1976: “Both major journals have…

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Governing Board

Effective spring 1995, ESA shifted to a Governing Board that makes most decisions, currently consisting of nine elected officers. The Vice-Presidents and Secretary serve 3-year terms. The President serves a total of three years on the Governing Board, including one as President-elect and one as Past President. Responsibilities are summarized below each office; see Society Bylaws for additional details. In…

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Prior to 1995, ESA members elected one Vice-President. Four individual Vice-Presidents currently manage responsibilities in Science, Public Affairs, Finance, and Education and Human Resources, respectively. Vice Presidents of the ESA serve 3-year terms as part of the Governing Board. All Vice-Presidents are displayed in the table below, which may be sorted by category or year by clicking on the appropriate…

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