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Research Highlights

Moran et al. 2014 recently published a study integrating long-term observations of grassland dynamics with time series satellite observations to characterize relationships between aboveground net primary productivity (NPP) and precipitation anomalies. They revealed differences in the importance of current- and prior-year precipitation on NPP for C4 grasses thereby enhancing capabilities to predict grassland responses to changing climate. For additional details or read the paper, click here.


Make your research more visible

Ever wondered where Southwestern Chapter members are working? Want to increase the visibility of your research? We are making it easy for you to contribute your published works to JournalMap!

JournalMap is a powerful tool for visualizing and discovering scientific research throughout the World. We have created a collection representing published research conducted by members of the Southwestern Chapter of ESA. Send a list of your cited works to Kristina Young with the digital object identifier (DOI) and coordinates and the JournalMap team will add your published research to the database!


“Modeling vegetation heights from high resolution stereo aerial photography: an application for broad-scale rangeland monitoring”DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2014.05.028 Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada, USA (36°9′ 28” N, 114°36′ 28” W) and the Mojave National Preserve, California, USA (35° 18′ 3” N, 115°33′ 10” W)