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We are Human Ecology @ ESA


Diolo Celine plants Gnetum (okok) in the village of Minwoho, Lekié, Center Region, Cameroon. Photo by Ollivier Girard/CIFOR

In the Human Ecology Section, we make up a vibrant community of scholars and practitioners interested in engaging and equipping members of society with critical ways to think about human-nature interactions — as they occur and affect human and nonhuman individuals, groups, and communities. We believe that human ecology is at the heart of a prosperous future for all.

Our history

Our first official meeting happened in August 2008 at ESA’s 93rd annual meeting in Milwaukee, where the founding members John Anderson and Rob Dyball were elected as the section’s first chair and vice-chair.

Our story within ESA, though, has deeper roots, and it is intrinsically connected to the Society for Human EcologyGet to know more about the Human Ecology Section from its founders:

“A Century of Human Ecology by Richard J. Borden

 “A Brief History of Human Ecology within the Ecological Society of America” by Robert Dyball.


Human Ecology Section 2020-2021 Officers

Beth Olsen, Chair

Lin Meng, Vice Chair 

Rob Dyball, Past Chair

Phyllis Pouyat Thibodeau, Secretary

Dee Lobo, Webmaster