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News, Events and Grants

Tourists on elephant safaris in the Baghamara Bufferzone Community Forest. Photo by Chandra Shekhar Karki/CIFOR.


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Opening: Student Liasion 

We are looking for a member of the ESA’s Student Section to join our team as Student Liasion. Visit the Student Section webpage to know more about what a student liaison does.

If you would like to volunteer to this position, email our chairs a short message introducing yourself and your interest in the human dimensions of environmental issues. 


2020 ESA Virtual Meeting

Opening plenary: “Scaling Ecological Insight” by Lucas Joppa, Chief Environmental Officer at Microsoft.



Human Ecology #ESA2020

The science of ecology can be advanced only if we improve our understanding of human-environment interactions. As ecologists, we approach the world as an interactive system, with feedback loops between the biosphere, atmosphere, oceans, and land. Human Ecologists emphasize the inclusion of human communities as an integrated and integral part of Earth’s ecosystems. We closely and carefully listen to local voices – how do they perceive their environment? How do they interact with their environment? What further understanding do they seek?

Watch here Dr. V. Beth Kuser Olsen, chair of the Human Ecology Section, speak about Human Ecology.


OOS 1: Building the Future Together: Extending Ecology’s Human Dimensions.

INS 3: “Addressing the Challenges of Ecology’s Human Dimensions: The Human Dimensions Collaborative”

Mega Mixer

Zooming our way to connect, catch-up, and have fun! This year, we will get together with several other sections in a virtual mixer.

Monday, August 3rd, 5-6 pm ET

Human Ecology Happy Hour

Meet fellow Human Ecology Section members.

Tuesday, August 4th, 4:15 – 4:50 pm ET

Section Business Meeting

We welcome and encourage your participation in our business meeting! Join us in building a strong Section.

Tuesday, August 4th, 5-6 pm ET

Film exhibition – Collodion: The Process of Preservation

When? Tuesday, August 4th, 9 PM ET time (8PM CT/7PM MT/6PM PT)

In conjunction with the ESA Annual Meeting, the Utah Film Center (UFC) will be live-streaming Collodion: The Process of Preservation, a documentary examining the relationship of Americans to our natural and wild places and the differing viewpoints on preservation. Collodion is an old fashioned photography process that the narrator uses to capture individuals and the natural places they consider home. The live stream will be open to meeting attendees and the public through the Utah Film Center’s website Following the film, a panel to include the film’s director and ESA member(s) will discuss the film, the concept of preservation, and how the film portrays the relationship and connections humans have with the environment. To learn more about the film ahead of time and watch the trailer: 

Story and the Ecological Imagination  

When? TuesdayAugust 4th, @ 7:00 pm ET time

In conjunction with the annual conference of the Ecological Society of America, but open to the general public: Readings and discussion with authors Julia Corbett, Thomas Fleischner, Susan Gaines, Cylita Guy, J.  Drew Lanham, Nalini Nadkarni, Richard Nevle, Stephen Trimble. This event is a collaboration between the Natural History Section of the Ecological Society of America, the Natural History Institute, and The King’s English Bookstore, Salt Lake City.


Travel Award

Applied Ecology Section & Human Ecology Section Joint Travel Award for Students Members

The Human Ecology Section offers a travel award each year to support student-members participation in ESA Meetings. If you are a student and have had any kind of presentation accepted for the ESA conference that relates broadly to Applied or Human Ecology, you are invited to apply to have your registration covered for you. We will strive to provide support to a diverse group of applicants, including candidates from historically underrepresented groups in science.

Applications for the 2020 Student Travel Award is now closed


Old News is Good News

Human Ecology Section Awarded ESA Section Development Grant

We are very pleased to have been awarded a Section Development Grant for 2019. Titled the Human Dimensions Collaborative, the grant-funded a workshop held on Saturday, 10th August (i.e. the day before 2019 ESA commences).

The workshop is designed to bring together several ESA sections that are oriented around human dimensions of environmental problems and the unjust distribution of their burdens. There is a unique opportunity for these sections to collaborate to share their respective areas of expertise and help ESA as we share the pursuit of a range of our association’s strategic goals.

These include ESA’s mission goals of ‘promoting ecological science by improving communication among members’ and ensuring the ‘appropriate use of ecological science in environmental decision making by enhancing communication between the ecological community and policymakers’.

Human Dimensions Collaborative Workshop Report