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Robert H. Whittaker

Robert H. Whittaker
Born: Wichita, KS 12/27/20, died 10/20/80
Education: Washburn Univ. (B.A. 1942); Univ. of Illinois (Ph.D. 1948)
Dissertation title: A vegetation analysis of the Great Smoky Mountains (Ecol. Mon. 26:1-80)
Advisor: S. Charles Kendeigh (C)
Comments: Started at Illinois under Victor E. Shelford with Arthur G. Vestal as a co-adviser to represent botany. Switched to Kendeigh when Shelford retired in 1946
Teaching history: Washington State 1948-51, Brooklyn Coll. 1954-64, Univ. of California (Irvine) 1966-68, Cornell 1968-1980
Ph.D. students: Walter Westman, Robert K. Peet, Susan Bratton, Thomas Wentworth, Owen Sholes, Mark Wilson, Linda Olsvig-Whittaker, Kerry Woods.
ESA offices and honors: Mercer Award 1967; Member-at-Large 1969-71; Vice President 1970-71; Eminent Ecologist 1981
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