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Cornelius H. Muller

Cornelius H. Muller
Born: Collinsville, IL 7/22/09; died 1/26/1997
Education: Texas (B.A. 1932, M.A. 1933); Illinois (Ph.D. 1938)
Dissertation title: Relations of the vegetation and climatic types in Nuevo Leon, Mexico (Amer. Midl. Nat. 21:687-729)
Advisor: Arthur G. Vestal (C)
Teaching History: Univ. of California (Santa Barbara) 1945-76; Texas 1974-? (adjunct)
Ph. D. Students: Norman L. Christensen
Others influenced: Harold A. Mooney (undergraduate)
ESA offices and honors: Eminent Ecologist 1975
ESA links: Eminent Ecologist
External links: Wikipedia