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ESA Staff is at the Annual Meeting in Montreal. Meeting Website

HRC at the Annual Meeting

The Historical Record Committee organizes a variety of sessions at the annual meeting as well as having a booth every year.

Official logo of the 2013 Annual Meeting.
2013 Annual Meeting Logo
Global warming increase as a graph. Logo for the 95th annual meeting of the ESA in Pittsburgh, PA.
2010 Annual Meeting Logo
Official logo of the 2003 Annual Meeting.  Savanah Georgia.  Gentle grasses are in the foreground.
2003 Annual Meeting Logo
Square logo for the 2012 Annual Meeting logo has an evergreen mountainscape over the text, Portland ESA 2012.
2012 Annual Meeting Logo
Oval logo for the 96th annual meeting has the globe in a humans hands with the ESA logo overlaying.  Earth Stewardship is the theme.
2011 Annual Meeting Logo
Puzzle pieces fit together with a cat's tail in the foreground. The puzzle pieces have cave drawing like overlays of a human and the Upper Midwest and lower Canada on them. A circular background with the imprint of an elk or deer bust.
2008 Annual Meeting Logo
A circular badge has a bridge and cityscape backed by mountains as the background.  The foreground is rolling hills with evergreen trees.  Two migratory geese fly overhead.
2009 Annual Meeting Logo
Ecological Restoration in a Changing world round logo.  The 2007 logo includes graphics of the various ecospheres in the Americas.
2007 Annual Meeting Logo

These photos from the last few years record some of HRC’s activities at our information booth in the conference halls.

Jean Langenheim stands by a poster at an ESA annual meeting and discusses it with someone.
Dennis Knight and Jean Langenheim, Portland 2012
An annual meeting attendee examines a physical timeline of ESA at the Annual Meeting.
Annual Meeting, Portland 2012.
Two attendees explore a poster at the Annual Meeting
Poster Session at the Annual Meeting
Three women attendees sit near an archival photo at the HRC booth.
Annual Meeting HRC Booth