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G. Evelyn Hutchinson

G. Evelyn Hutchinson
Born: Cambridge, England 1/30/1903; died 5/17/1991
Education: Cambridge (B.S. 1924; M.S. 1928)
Dissertation title: Although Hutchinson was awarded several honorary degrees, he did not have an earned doctorate. It just goes to show genealogy isn’t everything.
Teaching History: Yale 1928-71
Selected Ph. D. Students: Gordon Riley, Edward Deevey, W. T. Edmondson, John Brooks, Frederick E. Smith, Howard T. Odum, Lawrence Slobodkin, Peter Klopfer, Alan Kohn, Robert MacArthur, Tom Lovejoy
Others influenced: Raymond Lindeman (post-doc)
ESA offices and honors: Eminent Ecologist 1982
ESA links: Eminent Ecologist | Resolution of Respect
Archived Papers: G. Evelyn Hutchinson papers at Yale
External links: Wikipedia | Biographical web site