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Frederic E. Clements

Frederic E. Clements
Born: Lincoln, NE 9/16/1874; died 7/26/1945
Education: Nebraska (B. Sc. 1894, M.A. 1896, Ph.D. 1898)
Dissertation title: The phytogeography of Nebraska (presented jointly with Roscoe Pound)
Adviser: Charles E. Bessey
Teaching history: Nebraska 1894-1907; Minnesota 1907-17.
Ph. D. Students: John E. Weaver, Homer L. Shantz
Others influenced: Herbert C. Hanson
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Archived papers: Inventory of the Edith S. and Frederic E. Clements Papers | Some correspondence in Vestal Papers at UGA/ESA Archives | Suggestions for ecological research at Point Lobos reserve (Berkeley carbon copy) | a correspondent in Adolph Waller Papers at Ohio State
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