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Jigsaw Newletter Advancing Student-Active Learning in Ecology Education

October 2015 – Jigsaw Newsletter. 

Jigsaw Newsletters highlight:

  • Active-learning of ecological concepts
  • ESA events for ecology educators and instructors
  • New Resources in EcoEd Digital Library
  • Reports and Articles on STEM education and science education research

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Jigsaw is distributed via e-mail using the EcoEd Listserv. The EcoEd listserv is used to distribute the monthly Jigsaw Newsletter and occasional announcements of ESA events or programs related to Ecology Education. It is also an active forum for educators to exchange ideas and resources. The listserv is moderated by ESA staff and may take up to two full working days to be released.

Why is this newsletter titled Jigsaw?
The term “jigsaw” refers to a a popular cooperative learning strategy for material that can easily be divided into 3-4 logical sub-components. The idea is that students first work with team members to become “expert” on one aspect of the whole (e.g. part of a text chapter). Then the class is rearranged into a second set of groups so that each second team has someone who is expert on each sub-component (e.g. each part of the chapter). Students in the second group teach one another each segment and then, with all the jigsaw pieces now available, they put them together to solve a puzzle. (http://www.esa.org/tiee/teach/teach_glossary.html#jigsaw)

Jigsaw Archive
All archived issues of Jigsaw are provided in .PDF format.


May 2015
Biogeochemical Cycling

October 2015


VOLUME 4  Apr. 2014
Ecological Food Webs

May 2014
Climate Change Impacts and Applications

 Jun 2014
Interspecies Competition

July 2014
The Effects of Fragmentation

Aug 2014
Evolutionary Adaptation

Sep 2014
Foraging Behavior

Oct 2014
Endangered Species

Dec 2014

Jan 2015


 Feb 2015

Water Sustainability

March 2015

Habitat Loss

April 2015

Celebrate Fascination of Plants Day


VOLUME 3 May 2013

Jun 2013

Jul 2013

Aug 2013

Sep 2013
Communities and Disturbance

Oct 2013
Climate Change

Nov 2013

Feb 2014

Mar 2014
Invasive Species

VOLUME 2 Apr 2012
May 2012
Biological Diversity

Jun 2012
Alternative Energy

Jul 2012
Indigenous Science and Knowledge

Aug 2012

Sep 2012

Oct 2012
Land Use 

Nov 2012

Dec. 2012


Jan 2013

Feb 2013
Rivers and Streams

Mar 2013

Apr 2013


Apr. 2011

May 2011

Jun. 2011

Jul 2011

Aug 2011

Sept. 2011

Oct 2011

Nov 2011

Dec 2011


Jan 2012 

Feb 2012
Technology in Field Ecology

Mar 2012
World Water Day

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