Things to Do in Montreal

If you plan on making a vacation out of your trip to the Annual Meeting (or if you just have some extra time to kill during the conference), Travel Montréal has a website devoted to helping travelers plan a visit to the city and its environs.

Montreal is a vibrant island with architectural beauties, plenty museums to visit, and sites to appreciate and walk during summer. While there are many more things to do in the area (see here), here are some suggestions by the local organizing committee:

Cultural Items

Walks and Outdoor Activities

  • Natural parks in the city: There are plenty of natural areas to appreciate within the city, on the Montreal island itself. These are all accessible by public transportation, and represent a great opportunity to visit sites of high natural value and historical interest without travelling far from your accommodation site. For example, Bois-de-Saraguay is a >97 hectares park located on the border of the Rivière des Prairies, a site that has been utilized by first nations for millenia. It has easily accessible trails encompassing wetlands, riparian forest sites, and a rich biodiversity can be observed there (>250 vascular plants, and >80 bird species). Other parks to consider on the island:
    • L’île de la visitation
    • Bois-de-Liesse
    • Parc du Mont-Royal
    • Morgan arboretum (McGill University Forest reserve)
  • Casual walks on the island
    • Marché Jean-Talon: Right in the middle of La Petite Italie, this public market was inaugurated in 1933. This is a rich gathering of local fruit and vegetable growers, and of local shopkeepers and restaurateurs. Maybe a good way to stay away from fast food during the conference, and encourage the local economy? Another good possibility is the atwater market located further west, and along the beautiful Lachine Canal, well suited for walking or bike riding…
    • Want to discover public art in the island? This website suggests various tours that will guide you through amazing art pieces on the the city walls…
    • The Vieux Port de Montréal is also another excellent opportunity to get great views of the city, near the St-Lawrence River, and perform various exciting activites (e.g., bungee, zipline), or grab a bite in local restaurants. If you travel with your children, you can also visit the Science Centre, rent a quadricycle, a pedal boat, etc. plenty of things to do!
    • Plenty of other nice things to visit: Parc Jean-Drapeau, Cafe Crawl, etc.
A man on a bike traverses an city skyline overlook.
Credit FR © Freddy Arciniegas

Want to go Outside Montreal?

If you’re planning extending your visit and maybe rent a vehicle to explore other areas of the province, here are some suggestions of interest: