Registration FAQs

Registration Details

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Written notification of cancellation must be emailed to ESA REGISTRAR. In-person registration may be cancelled anytime without a cancellation fee. Virtual attendee registration must be cancelled by August 1st and a USD 50.00 fee will be assessed for processing refunds. For questions regarding registration: | email ESA REGISTRAR or (202) 833-8773.

Meeting Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy

All attendees must accept the ESA Meetings Code of Conduct and the COVID Code of Conduct. For more information on how we process and secure your data, view our Privacy Policy.

Registration FAQs

When I am logged in and completing my registration form, I am seeing the wrong registration rate (i.e., non-member when I am a member who recently joined or renewed). What should I do?

This most likely means your ESA profile is not reflecting your current membership status with ESA. If you joined or renewed the same day you are registering, please try logging out and logging back in. If this does not resolve the issue, please email us at and we can look into this for you.

Can I register someone else for the meeting?

You can register someone else, but it requires logging in to their account and using their credentials. If they do not have a profile with ESA, you can make one for them and register from that account.

After answering the questions on the registration form, I am having trouble proceeding to the next step. What should I do?

Click “Save Responses”, and you should be able to progress to the next step and complete your registration.

I would like to return to my meeting registration form to update some of the information. How can I do that?

Log into your ESA account. Click “Account Access”, then hover over “Annual Meeting”, and click “My event receipts”. Under “Event” click “ESA 2021 Virtual Meeting”, then click “Edit registrant information”. Remember to save your responses when you are finished by clicking “Update Responses”.

I need a receipt for my registration. Where can I find that?

Log into your ESA account. Click “Account Access”, hover over “Annual Meeting”, and click “My event receipts. You should see an Order Number. Click on that and then you can download your receipt as a PDF by clicking on the PDF symbol.

I registered before I had been notified about a registration grant and just learned I was approved for funding. What should I do?

Please email to request a refund. This process can take a few days, so please be patient.