2022 International Biodiversity Championship

Calling all Ecologists, Naturalists, Biodiversity Scientists, Birdwatchers, Gardeners and BioBlitz Enthusiasts!

Just how many organisms do you think you can find?

The 2022 International Biodiversity Championship is a global event that will be conducted during the 2022 ESA+CSEE Annual Meeting, specifically August 14-17. Individuals and teams from around the world will compete in this worldwide BioBlitz for the right to call themselves International Biodiversity Champion (and to win things like ESA memberships and gear)!

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Observations can be dated from 12:01 midnight on August 15 (EDT) until the beginning of the Natural History Section’s mixer the evening of Wednesday, August 17. Observations must be entered into iNaturalist, and registered as either “Research Grade” or “Needs ID.” “Casual” observations will not be included in team totals. To this end, inclusion of supporting evidence (usually a photo or sound recording) will be very helpful. The award ceremony will be at the Natural History Section’s mixer during the meeting. Final details will be shared prior to the event kickoff.

How to Participate

You can recruit a team. Teams will consist of 2-5 individuals with individual iNaturalist registrations. If you go this route, register your team on the form below.

You can also opt to be assigned to a team. If you go this route, shortly before the competition begins, we will inform you of the team you’ve been joined to. Register as an individual on the form below. You may also choose to compete individually without a team, which is fine — we’ll also award an individual champion!

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What Makes a Great Team?

  • Geographic diversity: Just think of how many macroscopic species you can document when your team covers different biomes all around the world.
  • Human diversity: Reach out to and include people of other ethnicities, nationalities, genders and even occupations. We want everybody to participate!
  • Diversity of expertise: Scientists and enthusiasts all have their strengths — build a well-rounded team by including people with diverse specialties.


Need help in figuring out how to register for iNaturalist?

Unfamiliar with using iNaturalistThese tutorials will walk you through everything!

PRIZES AND FAME will be lavished upon those found worthy of our title winners — team and individual winners will be declared and celebrated!

QUESTIONS can be sent to biodiversitychampionship@gmail.com.

We look forward to your registration, and your amazing sightings!