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Policy Section

The Policy Section, founded in 2010, acts to (1) foster interaction among ecologists who have worked or currently work in public policy positions, or have the desire to communicate with those members who do have public policy experience; (2) form a database of members that have policy experience that can be utilized by the Governing Board, ESA Sections and Chapters, Public Affairs, Science, and Education Offices, and standing ESA committees; (3) facilitate collaborative links among members through symposia, organized oral sessions, special sessions, and social events in Washington DC and regionally; and (4) work with the PAO to facilitate the participation of students in training exercises and one-on-one interactions with policy makers.
Policy Section website

List of Officers

Start YearEnd YearChairSecretary
20102011Richard Pouyat
20112013Bryan WeeEmilie Standler
20132013Emily Therese CloydEmilie Standler