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Applied Ecology Section

The Applied Ecology Section is one of the oldest (founded 1971) and most active sections of ESA. This section facilitates communication about applying ecological principles to solve practical environmental problems, and encourages liaison with specialists in policy, administration, planning, health, agriculture and natural resource management who use ecological principles to resolve problems.
Applied Ecology Section website

List of Officers

Start YearEnd YearChairVice ChairSecretary
19721973Dale A. HoffmanJ.B. HillmanCharles Proctor, Jr.
19731974Jack McCormickDave ReichleJ.C. Randolph
19741975David ReichleRichard VoglCharles Malone
19751977Norman GlassJames J. ReisaJohn Ghiselin
19771979John NeuholdCharles CooperJohn Ghiselin
19791981Charles CooperDoug BuffingtonFrank Benenati
19811983James J. ReisaCharles C. CoutantJ.C. Randolph
19831985John D. BuffingtonEldon H. FranzJohn W. Jeffler
19851987Gary W. BarrettRebecca R. SharitzR. Gerald Wright
19871989J.C. RandolphR. Gerald WrightRobert B. Smythe
19891991Orie L. LoucksEllen YeomanDaniel Dindal
19911993Frieda B. TaubDouglas P. ReaganClaire L. Carlson
19931995Carolyn T. HunsakerClair L. CarlsonWilliam L. Halvorson
19951997Lawrence W. BarnthouseCarolyn T. HunsakerMark R. Walbridge
19971998Paul RingoldCarolyn T. HunsakerMary Benninger-Traux
19982000Paul RingoldCarol A. CouchMary Benninger-Traux
20002001Kris HavstadAlisa GallantDeborah Ulinski Potter
20012002Kris HavstadAlisa GallantDan Binkley
20022004Paulette FordJon KeeleyDan Binkley
20042006Deborah Ulinski Potter & Martin A. SpetichBecky Kay KernsNeal T. Butt
20062008Shibu JoseScott RobertsBecky Kay Kerns
20082010Scott RobertsHarold BalbachGillian Bowser
20102012Harold BalbachGillian BowserLuben Dimov
20122014Gillian BowserLuben DimovRick Black
20142016Hal BalbachGillian BowserLuben Dimov