May R. Berenbaum

May R. Berenbaum
Born: Trenton, NJ 7/22/1953
Education: Yale (BS 1975), Cornell (Ph.D. 1980)
Dissertation title: Furanocoumarin chemistry, insect herbivory, and coevolution in the Umbelliferae (Science 201:532-534; Ecological Entomology 6:345-351; Oecologia 49:236-244; Ecology 62:1254-1266; Science 212:927-929; J. Lep. Soc. 36:160)
Adviser: Paul Feeny
Comments: Also influenced by Charles Remington and Bruce Stowe (undergraduate)
Teaching History: Illinois 1980-present
Ph. D. Students: James Nitao, Jonathan Neal, Lorne Wolfe, Steven Passoa, Eric McCloud, Chien-Fu Hung, Laura Simms, Steven Frankel, Ellen Green, Weimin Li, Xianchun Li, Mark Carroll, Katrina Lustofin, Reed Johnson, Bridget O’Neill, Guodong Niu, Cynthia McDonnell, Terry Harrison, Paul Nabity, Clare Casteel, Tania Jogesh
Others influenced: Pamela Anderson, Claire Rutledge, Duane McKenna (MS students)
ESA offices and honors: Mercer Award 1988; MacArthur Award 2004; Fellow 2012
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