Tribute to Homer Shantz

Outstanding among these [attributes] are your unfailing sense of humor, your insatiable interest in the world about you, and your sympathetic understanding of human nature.

Portrait image of Homer Shantz in a coat and tie.  Homer Shantz, 1876-1958.
Homer Shantz, 1876-1958

This tribute to Homer L. Shantz (1876-1958) illustrates the wide-ranging career of a pioneer plant ecologist, who held positions at several universities, was president of the University of Arizona, and worked for the USDA and the Forest Service. As part of the Smithsonian’s African expedition (1919-1920) he began studies of the soils and vegetation of Africa. His extensive photograph collection is at the University of Arizona Herbarium. (Charles C. Adams Papers, document received by Adams in 1944).

Archive tidbit: Tribute to Homer Shantz on his retirement in 1944