Cornelius Mueller to Vestal, 1930s

It seems that the financial situation in Texas is worse than elsewhere. The president of the University was informed that he might consider himself lucky if he were able to open the University’s doors next year. Of course, that means that we can expect about a 40% cut in appropriations…

Portrait image of Cornelius Mueller in the field with a fully brimmed hat.
Cornelius “Neil” Mueller, 1909-1997

Letters from Cornelius H. Mueller to A. G. Vestal describe financial hardships at the University of Texas, Austin, during the Depression, a collecting trip to Mexico, and Mueller’s wish to take a PhD under Vestal’s direction in Illinois. Mueller inquires about employment in Illinois for himself and his wife Katherine. After the war Cornelius joined the faculty at UC-Santa Barbara and Katherine became director of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. (A. G. Vestal papers).

From the ESA Archives: Mueller to Vestal, 1930s
Cornelius Mueller, Eminent Ecologist 1975

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