The Support of Our Generous Donors

The Ecological Society of America is, ultimately, a community of people dedicated to the science of ecology. Those who join enjoy a number of valuable membership benefits, but members and supporters give back in great numbers and inspiring ways every year. Their contributions to ESA’s various funds provide critical assistance to educational programs, training opportunities, new initiatives and ongoing efforts to include all who care about ecology.

In this list, we recognize all contributors for their generosity and commitment to the science and its people.


Stephen Hart, University of California, Merced


Mary Barber, RTI International Jill Baron, Colorado State University
Dan Binkley Marc Carrasco
Norman Christensen, Duke University Scott Collins, University of New Mexico
Alan Covich, University of Georgia Jesse Czekanski-Moir, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Jan Engert Katherine Ewel, University of Florida
Christopher Field, Stanford University Nancy Grimm, Arizona State University
Laura Huenneke, Northern Arizona University David Inouye, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
Rob Jackson, Stanford University Edward Johnson, University of Calgary
Ron Johnson, Clemson University Linda Joyce, Rocky Mountain Research Station
David Lodge, Cornell University Sonia Ortega, National Science Foundation
Richard Pouyat, Retired Thomas Powell, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
F Russell, Wichita State University Phillip Taylor, University of Southern California
David Tilman, University of Minnesota Monica Turner, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Diana Wall, Colorado State University  


Kenneth Armitage, University of Kansas Ann Bartuska, Resources for the Future
Bernd Blossey, Cornell University Mark Brunson, Utah State University
F. Stuart Chapin, University of Alaska, Fairbanks Carmen Cid, Eastern Connecticut State University
John Dennis Alexander Flecker, Cornell University
Barbara Gholz Lawrence Giles, Duke University
Deborah Goldberg, University of Michigan Wendy Gram, National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)
Louis Gross, University of Tennessee Nancy Huntly, Utah State University
Matthew Hurteau, University of New Mexico Stephen Jackson, U.S. Geological Survey
Stephen Jenkins, University of Nevada John Keane, USDA Forest Service
Carole Levin Elinor Loucks, Miami University (OH)
Pamela Matson, Stanford University Jason McLachlan, University of Notre Dame
Louis Pitelka, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science William Robertson
Osvaldo Sala, Arizona State University Gaius Shaver, Marine Biological Laboratory, The Ecosystems Center
Alan Tessier, National Science Foundation Peter Vitousek, Stanford University


Harold Balbach, U.S. Army ERDC-CERL Arthur Benke, University of Alabama
Alan Berkowitz, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Peter Chabora, Queens College, City University of New York
Sharon Collinge, University of Colorado Kathryn Cottingham, Dartmouth College
Wendell Cropper, University of Florida Eric Davidson, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Appalachian Laboratory
Frank Davis, University of California, Santa Barbara Clifford Duke, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Mary Duryea Sophia Gholz,  Rate Your Story & Sophia Gholz Books, LLC
Anne Giblin, Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory Jessica Gurevitch, Stony Brook University
Sharon Hall, Arizona State University Bret Harvey, U.S. Forest Service, Redwood Sciences Lab
Sarah Hobbie, University of Minnesota Matthew Kane, National Science Foundation
Alan Knapp, Colorado State University Amy Layne
Gretchen Merrill George Middendorf, Howard University
Kiyoko Miyanishi, University of Calgary Teresa Mourad, Ecological Society of America
Richard Norby, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Catherine O’Riordan, Ecological Society of America
Margaret Palmer, National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) Robert Peet, University of North Carolina
Janice Schaefer, Marquette University Steven Schnell, Kutztown University
Timothy Schowalter, Louisiana State University Emily Stanley, University of Wisconsin
Christina Staudhammer, University of Alabama Robert Suglia, Rhode Island Foundation
Alexandra Sutton Lawrence, Duke University Jean Talbert
Katherine Thompson Joan Walker, U.S. Forest Service
Thompson Webb, Brown University Susan Will-Wolf, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Wayne Zipperer, USDA Forest Service  


Barbara Abraham, Christopher Newport University Frederick Adler, University of Utah
Lynn Adler, University of Massachusetts Paul Alaback, University of Montana
Catherine Badgley, University of Michigan Daniel Bain, University of Pittsburgh, Dept. of Geology & Env. Science
Carol Baird, California Inst. for Biodiversity Kathryn Benkert
Seth Bigelow, Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center At Ichauway Janis Boettinger, Utah State University
Barbara Bond, Oregon State University Ben Bond-Lamberty, JGCRI / DOE Pacific Northwest Lab
Richard Boyce, Northern Kentucky University Nicholas Brokaw, University of Puerto Rico
Gordon Brown, College of St. Benedict, St. John’s University Randall Brown
Carla Caceres, University of Illinois Marc Cadotte, University of Toronto, Scarborough
Leonardo Calle, Montana State University E. Campbell
Bradley Cardinale, University of Michigan Brian Chabot, Cornell University
Jeanne Chambers, USDA Forest Service Stephen Chaplin, The Nature Conservancy
Peter Chen Elsa Cleland, University of California, San Diego
Emily Cloyd, American Association for the Advancement of Science Mark Coleman, University of Idaho
Elizabeth Cook, The New School Mark Courtney, New Mexico State University
Robert Creed, Appalachian State University Carla D’Antonio, University of California, Santa Barbara
Evan DeLucia, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Philip Dixon, Iowa State University
J. Emmett Duffy, Smithsonian Institution, Tennenbaum Marine Observatories Network Jeffrey Dukes, Purdue University
Elaine Duvas,  James Ehleringer, University of Utah
Paula Fornwalt, Rocky Mountain Research Station David Foster, Harvard University
Janet Franklin, University of California Douglas Fraser, Siena College
Candace Galen, University of Missouri Monica Geber, Cornell University
Catherine Gehring, Northern Arizona University Charles Gholz
John Gholz Miquel Gonzalez-Meler, University of Illinois, Chicago
Corinna Gries, University of Wisconsin, LTER Network Katherine Gross, Michigan State University
Yaffa Grossman, Beloit College James Grover, University of Texas
Richard Guenzel,  Carola Haas, Virginia Tech
Nelson Hairston, Cornell University Stephanie Hampton, Washington State University
Mark Harmon, Oregon State University Larry Harris, University of New Hampshire
David Hart, Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions Alan Hastings, University of California, Davis
David Hillier, University of Wisconsin Thomas Hinckley, University of Washington
Pui Ho John Hobbie, Marine Biological Laboratory
Carol Horvitz, University of Miami Tara Hudiburg, University of Idaho
Fredric Janzen, Iowa State University Megan Jones, National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)
Steven Jones, GHD Pty Ltd Marta Kaluza, 
Patrick Kangas, University of Maryland Ann Keith
Amie Kim,  Kenneth Klemow, Wilkes University
Robert Klinger, U.S. Geological Survey, Biological Resources Division Dennis Knight, University of Wyoming
Thomas Kolb, Northern Arizona University Kimberly Komatsu
Roger Laushman, Oberlin College Lindsey Leighton, University of Alberta
Karin Limburg, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Richard Lindroth, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Peter Lowther, The Field Museum Hongyan Luo, National Ecological Observatory NetWork
William Lyons Sparkle Malone, Rocky Mountain Research Station
Michael May, Rutgers University Katherine McCarter, Ecological Society of America
Peter McCartney, National Science Foundation William McDowell, University of New Hampshire
Elvia Melendez-Ackerman, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Donald Miles, Ohio University
Gayle Monkkonen Ann Murphy
Knute Nadelhoffer, University of Michigan Raymond Newman, University of Minnesota
Daniel Nidzgorski, King County Water and Land Resources Division Gretchen North, Occidental College
Cesar Nufio, University of Colorado Virgil Parker, San Francisco State University
Diane Pataki, University of Utah Robert Pearcy
Ivette Perfecto, University of Michigan Debra Peters, USDA Agricultural Research Service
Karen Petersen, University of Washington Steward Pickett, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Dayani Pieri Bailey Piper
Bob Pohlad, Ferrum College James Porter, University of Georgia
Mary Power, University of California, Berkeley Daniel Reed, University of California
Courtney Richmond, Rowan University Wayne Richter
Victor Riemenschneider, Indiana University Amy Rosemond, University of Georgia
Roger Ruess, University of Alaska Michael Ryan, Colorado State University
John Schade, National Science Foundation Jame Schaefer, Marquette University
Karina Schafer, Rutgers University Mark Schildhauer, LTER, SNAPP, NCEAS, UCSB
Joshua Schimel, University of California, Santa Barbara Anna Schoettle, Rocky Mountain Research Station
Gregor-Fausto Siegmund, Cornell University Daniel Stanton, University of Minnesota
Joe Sullivan, University of Maryland Frieda Taub, University of Washington
Carolyn Thomas, Ferrum College Erin Vinson, University of Maine
Carl Von Ende, Northern Illinois University Paige Warren, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Kathleen Weathers, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Dorothy Wehrly
Dorothy White William Wood
Ruth Yanai, SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry Joseph Yavitt, Cornell University
Donald Zak, University of Michigan John Zak, Texas Tech University
Naupaka Zimmerman, University of San Francisco Donald Zobel, Oregon State University


James Ackerman, University of Puerto Rico Patrick Athey, Hemlock Scientific, LLC
Lisa Belden, Virginia Tech Elena Bennett, McGill University
Jan Beyers, U.S. Forest Service (retired) Beth Birmingham
Jessica Blois, University of California, Merced Alice Boyle, Kansas State University
Kevin Browne, University of California, Natural Reserve System Richard Brugam, Southern Illinois University
Patrick Burke, University of British Columbia Gerardo Camilo, Saint Louis University
Mary Carroll Christina Catricala, U.S. Geological Survey
Kim Chapman, Applied Ecological Services Daniel Childers, Arizona State University
Teri Cleeland Dana Coelho
Liza Comita, Yale University Daniel Conley, Lund University
Kermit Cromack, Oregon State University Martha Cruse
Anthony Cullen, Rutgers University Todd Dawson, University of California, Berkeley
Linda Deegan, Woods Hole Research Center R. Ford Denison, University of Minnesota
Kristin Dennis Sebastian Diehl, Umea University
Mark Dilley, MAD Scientist Associates Cynthia Dott
David Eissenstat, Pennsylvania State University Erle Ellis, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Marlene Evans, National Water Research Inst Sarah Evans, Michigan State University – KBS
Valerie Eviner, University of California, Davis Timothy Fahey, Cornell University Hubbord Brook
Jeremy Fox, University of Calgary Pam Froemke
Jan Galkowski, Westwood Statistical Studios Jennifer Gambino-York, 
Linda Geis Johannes Gessler
Renee Gholz Frank Gilliam, University of West Florida
Maria González, Miami University Tim Graham
Dorothy Helm Eileen Helmer, International Institute of Tropical Forestry
Emilie Henderson, Oregon State University Sharon Hermann, Auburn University
Minh Chau Ho Brian Inouye, Florida State University
Steven Juliano, Illinois State University Barbara Keller
Lisa Kelly, University of North Carolina, Pembroke Susan Kephart, Willamette University
Susan Knight, University of Wisconsin, Trout Lake Station Jason Lang
Sharon Lawler, University of California, Davis Jen Leininger
Kenneth Lertzman, Simon Fraser University John Ludwig
Harry Lymn Jose-Luis Machado, Swarthmore College
Aurora MacRae-Crerar, University of Pennsylvania Jessamyn Manson, University of Virginia
RoseMarie Matusak David Mauriello, 
Elizabeth Mayhew Emilio Mayorga, University of Washington
Betty McElroy Alexa McKerrow, U.S. Geological Survey
Irmgard McMahon Gary Mittelbach, Michigan State University
Chester Moore, Colorado State University Elizabeth Newell, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Charles Nilon, University of Missouri, Columbia Roger Nisbet, University of California, Santa Barbara
Cathy Owen John Pastor, University of Minnesota, Duluth
Ray Peterson Lara Peterson
Chantal Reid, Duke University Caroline Ridley, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
George Robinson, University at Albany SUNY Clifton Ruehl, Columbus State University
Kathleen Ryan Mark Scheuerell, NOAA Fisheries Service
Paul Schmalzer, Kennedy Space Center, IMSS Eugene Schupp, Utah State University
Ellen Simms, University of California, Berkeley Michael Singer, Wesleyan University
Elizabeth Sirmans Stanley Smith, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Polly Smith Pacifica Sommers, University of Colorado Boulder
Robert Srygley, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Northern Plains Agricultural Research Lab Olyssa Starry, Portland State University
Jennifer Sticco Alan Stiven, University of North Carolina
Sharon Strauss, University of California, Davis Stephen Swallow
James Thorne, University of California, Davis Joel Trexler, Florida International University
William Turner, NASA Headquarters Susan Ustin, University of California, Davis
Dirk Vanderklein, Montclair State University Emilio Vilarino, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
L. Joseph Vorgetts, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Maggie Wagner, North Carolina State University
Shiqiang Wan, Hebei University Jay Wason, University of Maine
Vicki Watson, University of Montana Susan Williams, University of California, Davis
Amanda Wong, University of Hawai’i, Manoa  

Other Donors

David Ackerly, University of California, Berkeley Laura Aldrich-Wolfe, North Dakota State University
Jim Alford Eric Allan, University of Bern
Edith Allen, University of California Steven Allison, University of California, Irvine
Maya Almaraz, University of California, Davis David Alonso, Spanish Institution for Scientific Research
Patti Anderson Elaine Andrews
Steven Archer, University of Arizona Stephanie Archer, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Elizabeth Archie, University of Notre Dame Coral Avilés Santiago, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Jill Awkerman, U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Laura Backus, University of Colorado
Sara Baer, Southern Illinois University Stephen Baines, Stony Brook University
Marja Bakermans, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Jennifer Balch, University of Colorado, Boulder
Betsy Bancroft, Gonzaga University Aabir Banerji, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Rebecca Barak, Chicago Botanic Garden, Michigan State University Jason Barker, U.S. Forest Service
Marissa Baskett, University of California, Davis Jacques Baudry, INRA
Catherine Benaglio Michael Benard, Case Western Reserve University
Tracy Benning, University of San Francisco John Benning, University of Minnesota
Maud Bernard-Verdier, Freie Universität Berlin Emily Bernhardt, Duke University
Brandon Bestelmeyer, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Jornada Experimental Range Lori Biederman, Iowa State University
Sharon Billings, University of Kansas Kimberly Bjorgo-Thorne, West Virginia Wesleyan College
Paul Blom, Oregon Dept. of Agriculture Michael Bonsall, University of Oxford
David Boose, Gonzaga University Victoria Borowicz, Illinois State University
Mark Boudreau, Pennsylvania State University, Brandywine Deane Bowers, University of Colorado
William Bowman, University of Colorado Gillian Bowser, Colorado State University
Elgene Box, University of Georgia James Breck, University of Michigan
Christer Bronmark, Lund University J. Renee Brooks, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Rebecca Brown, Eastern Washington University Gretchen Brownstein, Landcare Research
Bethanne Bruninga-Socolar,  John Bruno, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Elizabeth Brusati Zachary Brym, University of Florida, Tropical Research and Education Center
Jill Bubier, Mount Holyoke College Phaedra Budy, Utah State University
Ishi Buffam, University of Cincinnati Harald Bugmann, Forest Ecology
Deron Burkepile, University of California, Santa Barbara Julia Burton, Utah State University
Zachary Butler, University of Georgia, Odum School of Ecology Bruce Byers, Bruce Byers Consulting
Randy Calcote, University of Minnesota Mac Callaham, USDA Forest Service
Tomas Carlo, Pennsylvania State University Dean Carpenter, North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality
Kristin Caruso, Scalar Consulting Group Alejandro Castellanos, Dictus/Unison
Michael Castellon Nancy Cavallaro, USDA National Inst. of Food and Agriculture
Andrew Caven, Crane Trust David Chalcraft, East Carolina University
Kai Chan, University of British Columbia Arthur Chappelka, Auburn University
Donald Charles, Academy of Natural Sciences Robin Chazdon, Forestoration International
John Chick, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Sallie Chisholm, MIT
Elizabeth Chornesky Bradley Christoffersen, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley
Martin Cipollini, Berry College James Clark, Duke University
Kenneth Clark Dean Cocking, James Madison University
Carol Collier, Drexel University Benjamin Colman, University of Montana
Joseph Colosi, DeSales University Sue Comlish
Jana Compton, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Natl Health & Env Effects Research Lab Paul Conklin
Thomas Contreras, Washington and Jefferson College Rebecca Cooper
Jeffrey Corbin, Union College Susan Cordell, USDA Forest Service
Jeffrey Corney, The Wilderness Center Alycia Crall, NEON-Battelle Ecology
Kerri Crawford, University of Houston Stephanie Cruz Maysonet, University of Waterloo
Raymond Curran, Adirondack Information Group, LLC Peter Curtis, Ohio State University
Kyla Dahlin, Michigan State University Vincent D’Amico, USDA Forest Service
John Davis, University at Albany Branden Davis, Broward College
Stephen Davis, Pepperdine University Caroline Daws, Stanford University
Thomas Day, Arizona State University Stephen Del Grosso, Colorado State University
Israel Del Toro, Lawrence University Rick Demmer
Naomi Detenbeck, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Barbara Dibeler
Luben Dimov, University of Vermont Ann Dorsey
Gbadamassi Dossa, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming Institute of Botany Christina Drew, KDV Decision Analysis LLC
Joshua Drew, Columbia University Chang-Qun Duan, Yunnan University
Amy Dunham, Rice University Karen Dyson, University of Washington
Vincent Eckhart, Grinnell College Mary Edwards, University of Southampton
James Elser, University of Montana Monica Elser, University of Montana
Jason Emry, Washburn University, Dept of Biology Brian Enquist, University of Arizona
Howard Epstein, University of Virginia Morgan Ernest, University of Florida
Todd Esque, U.S. Geological Survey Margaret Evans, University of Arizona
Herbert Evans Julie Evens, California Native Plant Society
Exequiel Ezcurra, University of California Riverside Beth Fallon, University of Minnesota
Tracy Feldman, St. Andrews University Jake Ferguson, University of Hawai’i at Manoa
Denny Fernandez-del-Viso, University Puerto Rico, Humacao Mary Firestone, University of California
Daniel Fiscus Thomas Fitzgibbons
Steven Fonte, Colorado State University Jessica Forrest, University of Ottawa
Laurel Fox, UCSC Augusto Franco, Universidade de Brasilia
Scott Franklin, University of Northern Colorado Paul Frost, Trent University
Peter Frumhoff, Union of Concerned Scientists Richard Futyma, The Chazen Companies
Roderick Gagne, Colorado State University Rachel Gallery, University of Arizona, SNRE
Edmundo Garcia Moya, Botanica/Campus Montecillo Gregg Garfin, University of Arizona
Charles Geedey, Augustana College Alyssa-Lois Gehman, University of British Columbia
Grant Gentry, Samford University Gregory Gilbert, University of California, Santa Cruz
Joshua Ginsberg, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies E. Binney Girdler, Kalamazoo College
John Gladden Hazel Gordon
Laura Gough, Towson University Bruce Grant, Widener University
Brenda Grewell, USDA Agricultural Research Service, University of California, Davis Michael Griffith, USEPA, NCEA
Alden Griffith, Wellesley College Peter Groffman, City University of New York, Advanced Science Research Center
Maya Groner Edwin Grosholz, University of California, Davis
Sally Hacker, Oregon State University Keala Hagmann, Applegate Forestry, LLC
Jeffrey Haight, Arizona State University Rebecca Hale, Idaho State University
Karl Halupka Steven Handel, Rutgers University
Linsey Haram, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Tamara Harms, University of Alaska
Christine Hawkes, North Carolina State University Jenny Hazlehurst, University of California, Riverside
Linda Heath, USDA Forest Service Jo Anna Hebberger
Hermann Heilmeier, Technische Universitat Bergakademie Freiberg Jessica Hellmann, University of Minnesota
Katie Henry, Tetra Tech, Inc. Brook Herman, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Stephen Hight, USDA Agricultural Research Service Philip Higuera, University of Montana
Janneke Hille Ris Lambers, University of Washington David Hoekman, Southern Nazarene University
Kirsten Hofmockel, Environmental Molecular Sciences Lab J. Aaron Hogan, Florida International University
Marjorie Holland, University of Mississippi Jon Honea, Emerson College
Stacey Hopner David Housman
Claudie Houssard Shuijin Hu, North Carolina State University
Jarvis Hudson Shelley Hunt, University of Guelph
Michael Huston, Texas State University Robin Ikeda, Chaffey College
Anthony Ives, University of Wisconsin, Madison Leanne Jablonski, University of Dayton, Marianist Environmental Education Center
Anna Jacobsen, California State University, Bakersfield Henriette Jager, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
David Jenkins, University of Central Florida Michael Jenkins, Purdue University
Christopher Johnson, ETH Zurich Loretta Johnson, Kansas State University
Lucinda Johnson, University of Minnesota, Duluth Nancy Johnson, Northern Arizona University
Lauren Jolly Julia Jones, Oregon State University
Krista Jones, U.S. Geological Survey Chanda Jones Littles, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,  Pacific Coast Ecology Branch/ORISE
Anna Jurusik, University of Delaware J Juterbock, Ohio State University
Joerg Kaduk, University of Leicester Valerie Kapos, UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Madhusudan Katti, North Carolina State University Margot Kaye, Pennsylvania State University
Clare Kazanski, University of Minnesota Jon Keeley, U.S Geological Survey
Patricia Kennedy, Eastern Oregon Agriculture & Natural Resources Program Knut Kielland, University of Alaska
David Kilduff Aaron King, University of Michigan
Kurt Kipfmueller, University of Minnesota Brian Klatt, Michigan State University, Michigan Natural Features Inventory
Emily Klein Vanja Klepac-Ceraj, Wellesley College
George Koch, Northern Arizona University Thomas Kolb, Northern Arizona University
Clifford Kraft, Cornell University Andrew Kramer, University of South Florida
Claire Kremen, University of British Columbia K. Krishna, International Agricultural Center of CGIAR (FAO)
Anjali Kumar, Institute of International Education/USAID William Kunin, University of Leeds
Sarah Kupferberg Kalla Kvalnes, University of Maryland, Horn Point Laboratory
Kimberly La Pierre, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Fabio Labra, Universidad Santo Tomas
Shannon LaDeau, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Kim Lancaster
Kim Landsbergen, Antioch College Tom Langen, Clarkson University
Diane Larson, U.S. Geological Survey William Lauenroth, Yale University
Daniel Laughlin, University of Wyoming Zakiya Leggett, North Carolina State University
Manuel Lerdau, University of Virginia Susannah Lerman, USDA Forest Service
Amy Lesen, Tulane University Heather Leslie, University of Maine
Doug Levey, National Science Foundation Morgan Lewis, William Paterson University
Matt Liebman, Iowa State University Wayne Lifton, Cardno
Hangsheng (Henry) Lin, Pennsylvania State University Catherine Lindell, Michigan State University
Michael Liptak, EnviroScience Inc. George Logan, Rema Ecological Services, LLC
Kathleen LoGiudice, Union College Michael Loik, University of California, Santa Cruz
Bianca Lopez, SESYNC E. Louise Loudermilk, USDA Forest Service
Rima Lucardi, USDA Forest Service Melissa Lucash, Portland State University
Scott Luchessa, Seattle City Light, Environmental Affairs Patrice Ludwig, James Madison University
Thomas Luhring, University of Nebraska, Lincoln Siyan Ma, University of California, Berkeley
Michelle Mack, Northern Arizona University Carolyn Malmstrom, Michigan State University
Kezia Manlove, Utah State University Robert Manson, Instituto de Ecologia, A.C.
Humfredo Marcano-Vega, U.S. Forest Service, International Inst. of Tropical Forestry James March, Washington & Jefferson College
Philippe Marchand, Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue Hank Margolis, NASA
Robert Marquis, University of Missouri St. Louis Elizabeth Marschall, The Ohio State University
Katherine Martin, North Carolina State University Stephen Matter, University of Cincinnati
Jean May Andrew McCall, Denison University
Shannon McCauley, University of Toronto, Mississauga Caitlin McDonough MacKenzie, University of Maine
Peter McEvoy, Oregon State University Diane McKnight, University of Colorado, INSTAAR
Nicholas McLetchie, University of Kentucky Jorge Meave, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM)
Albert Meier, Western Kentucky University Brett Melbourne, University of Colorado, Boulder
Irving Mendelssohn, Louisiana State University Marc Meyer, USDA Forest Service
Xiangcheng Mi, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Inst. of Botany Helen Michaels, Bowling Green State University
Raymond Miller, Argonne National Laboratory William Mitchell, Indiana State University
Christine Moffitt, University of Idaho Rebecca Montgomery, University of Minnesota
Emily Moran, University of California, Merced Matthew Moran, Hendrix College
Charles Morgan, University of Saint Joseph Jose-Antonio Morgui, ICTA-UAB
Rachel Muir Renee Mullen
Thomas Mulroy, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Alison Munson, Universite Laval
Toshiyuki Namba, Osaka Prefecture University Christopher Neill, Woods Hole Research Center
Lis Nelis, Exponent David Newbery, University of Bern
Erica Newman, University of Arizona Ryan Newton, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Niki Nicholas, Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area Obed Wild and Scenic River Allen Norskog
Gloria N’siala Beth Okamura, Natural History Museum, London
Camellia Okpodu, Norfolk State University Lydia Olander, Duke University
Isabella Oleksy Kathryn O’Neill
Thet Oo, Ecological Society of America Colin Orians, Tufts University
Craig Osenberg, University of Georgia Richard Ostfeld, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
R. Deborah Overath, Texas Southmost College Alexandre Palma, Universidade Federal Da Paraiba
Christine Pardo, University of Miami Kirsten Parris, University of Melbourne
Judy Parrish, Millikin University Julia Parrish, University of Washington
Charlyn Partridge, Grand Valley State University Antonio Pastor-Lopez, Universidad de Alicante
Robert Pastorok, Maya Soleil LLC Cynthia Paszkowski, University of Alberta
Michael Patten, University of Oklahoma Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman, University of Maryland
Noel Pavlovic, U.S. Geological Survey Neil Pederson, Harvard Forest
Liba Pejchar, Colorado State University Elise Pendall, University of Western Sydney
Steven Perakis, U.S. Geological Survey Laura Petes, NOAA
Caleb Pharris, Olsson Associates Stacy Philpott, University of California, Santa Cruz
Christopher Picone, Fitchburg State University Denise Piechnik, University of Pittsburgh, Bradford
Michael Pieper, KCI Technologies, Inc. William Platt, Louisiana State University
N. LeRoy Poff, Colorado State University Emily Pollina
Stephen Porder, Brown University Kevin Potter, North Carolina State University
Phyllis Pouyat Thibodeau, CareerEcologia, LLC Jennifer Powers, University of Minnesota- EEB Dept.
John Pozzi, Global Resource Bank Robert Pratt, California State University, Bakersfield
Lara Prihodko, New Mexico State University Catherine Pringle, University of Georgia
Laura Prugh, University of Washington Mark Pyron, Ball State University
Mauricio Quesada, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) Russell Rader, Brigham Young University
Benjamin Ramage, Randolph-Macon College Edward Rastetter, Ecosystems Center
Carleton Ray, University of Virginia Elizabeth Rebaleati
Heather Reed, University of Massachusetts Sasha Reed, U.S. Geological Survey
Molly Reichenborn, Wichita State University John Reid, Missouri Botanical Garden
Carla Restrepo, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Jessica Rettig, Denison University
Heather Reynolds Steven Rice, Union College
David Richardson, State University of New York at New Paltz Curtis Richardson, Duke University
Leslie Ries, Georgetown University Paul Ringold, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
William Rivers, SUNY Canton W John Roach, SimBio
Guy Robinson, Fordham College At Lincoln Center Terry Robison, Cleveland Metroparks
Concepcion Rodriguez-Fourquet, University of Puerto Rico, Bayamon Dickinson Roop
Michael Ross, Florida International University John Rotenberry, University of Minnesota
Lawrence Rozas Ricardo Rozzi, University of North Texas, Inst. of Ecology and Biodiversity (Chile)
Nathan Rudd Lars Rudstam, Cornell University
Clay Runck, Georgia Gwinnett College Richard Rutz
Travis Ryan, Butler University Hugh Safford, U.S. Forest Service
Anna Sala, University of Montana Scott Saleska, University of Arizona
Allyson Salisbury, The Morton Arboretum Robert Sanford, Northern Arizona University
Tayler SantaMaria, Texas A&M University Orlando Sarnelle, Michigan State University
Kristen Sauby, Lighthouse Statistical and Ecological Consulting, LLC. Karen Saunders, Antioch University
Patricia Saunders, Ashland University Steven Sayre, Ecological Society of America
Bernhard Schmid, University of Zurich, Irchel James Schmid
Russell Schmitt, University of California, Santa Barbara Andrew Schnabel, Indiana University South Bend
Eric Schultz, University of Connecticut Peter Schulze, Austin College
Mark Schwartz, University of California, Davis Elsa Schwartz, Michigan Technological University
Allison Shaw, University of Minnesota Ann Showalter, Clayton State University
Susan Shriner, National Wildlife Research Center Jonathan Shurin, University of California, San Diego
Benjamin Sikes, University of Kansas John Silander, University of Connecticut
Charles Simenstad, University of Washington Juniper Simonis, DAPPER LLC
Kurt Smemo, Skidmore College Amy Smith, S.E.A.R.C.H., LLC
Melinda Smith, Colorado State University Struan Smith, Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo
Robert Smythe, Potomac Resource Consultants Allison Snow, Ohio State University
Amber Soja, National Institute of Aerospace, NASA Wayne Sousa, University of California, Berkeley
Marko Spasojevic, University of California, Riverside Kendra Spence Cheruvelil, Michigan State University
Jessica Spencer Larry Spencer, Plymouth State University
George Stanton, Columbus State University & UMUC William Starkel
Nathan Stephenson, U.S. Geological Survey Jessica Stephenson
Harry Stone Robert Stottlemyer, Michigan Technological University
Angela Strecker, Portland State University M. Dale Strickland, Western EcoSystems Technology, Inc.
Lauren Sullivan, University of Missouri – Columbia – Columbia, MO Keith Summerville, Drake University
Andrea Swei, San Francisco State University Kenzi Takamura, National Institute for Envir Studies
Dennis Tarasi, St. Ambrose University Irene Terry, University of Utah
Richard Thomas, West Virginia University Jean Thomson Black, Yale University Press
David Tissue, University of Western Sydney Fleur Tiver
Christopher Tokita, Princeton University Diana Tomback, University of Colorado, Denver
Stephen Tonsor, Carnegie Museum of Natural History Jan Topercer, Comenius University
Kathleen Treseder, University of California, Irvine Ronald Trosper, University of Arizona
Robert Twilley, Louisiana State University Samuel Urmy, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Jacob Usinowicz, ETH Zurich James Utter, SUNY Purchase
Yvonne Vadeboncoeur, Wright State University Skip Van Bloem, Clemson University
Linda Van Diepen, University of Wyoming Teresa Vanderburg, Environmental Science Associates
Rachel Vannette, University of California, Davis Michael Vanni, Miami University
Chennakesavalu Varadarajulu Maria Vernet, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Kerri Vierling, University of Idaho Stacey Vigallon
Rolf Vinebrooke, University of Alberta Viktoria Wagner, University of Alberta
Richard Wahle, University of Maine Simon Walker, Ecological Service Professionals
B. Michael Walton, Cleveland State University Anita Walz, Marshall University
Yuying Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Center for Agricultural Resources Research Zhenhong Wang, Chang`an University
Sheila Ward John Ware
Daniel Warner, University of Delaware Robert Washington-Allen, University of Nevada, Reno
Susan Waters, Center for Natural Lands Management Stephen Watts
Louise Weber, University of Saint Francis Harold Weeks
Jacob Weiner, University of Copenhagen David Weinstein, Cornell University
Katherine Weiss, Arizona State University Christopher Weiss-Lehman, University of Minnesota
Amy Welch, Pennsylvania State University Ethan White, University of Florida
Gregory White, Environment & Property Improvement Consultants, llc Will White, Oregon State University
Lily Whiteman, National Science Foundation Thomas Whitlow, Cornell University
Cynthia Wilber, Stanford University Jack Williams, University of Wisconsin
Jennifer Williams, University of British Columbia Kenneth Wilson, Colorado State University
Kirk Winemiller, Texas A&M University Wilfred Wollheim, University of New Hampshire
Carrie Woods, University of Puget Sound Scott Woolbright, University of Arkansas, Little Rock
Suzanne Worcester, California State University Monterey Bay Andrea Worthington, Siena College
Justin Wright, Duke University Janie Wulff, Florida State University
Anthony Yannarell, University of Illinois Stephanie Yelenik, U.S. Geological Survey
Ronald Yoshiyama, University of California, Davis Craig Young, National Park Service
Jonathan Zearfoss, Culinary Institute of America Adam Zeilinger, University of California, Berkeley