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Scientists around the world publish their research about ecology and environmental science in ESA’s scientific peer-reviewed journals: Ecology, Ecological Monographs, Ecological Applications, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, and the open-access journal Ecosphere. In addition, the ESA’s quarterly publication The Bulletin of the ESA covers ecological events, news, education-related articles, career advice, and reports of interest to the ecological community. The Bulletin also includes commentary and opinion on ecological issues, as well as the official record of the business of the Ecological Society of America.

As the largest journal in the ESA portfolio, Ecosphere published 450 articles in 2018. Our flagship journal Ecology, founded in 1920, continued its solid publishing history with 400 articles. Ecological Applications and Ecological Monographs published 175 and 32 articles, respectively. This year, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment launched its popular new natural history series “EcoPics.” Colorful photos of animals and plants are accompanied by a caption, highlighting interesting or little-known facts about the organisms, and posing open research questions about the natural history behind the pictures.

The ESA’s publishing partnership with John Wiley & Sons, begun in 2016, has resulted in broader distribution of our journals and dramatically higher online usage. We continue to reduce publication times for all our journals. Articles in our open-access journal Ecosphere are generally published within 30 days of acceptance.

Impact Factors and Rankings

In 2017, the Impact Factors (IF) of all ESA journals remained strong. The Impact Factor is an important metric of usage and value of our publications to researchers, academics, and global scientific audiences.

Ecology Category

IF Journal Name and Rank (of 158)
7.878 Ecological Monographs (7)
8.302 Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (6)
4.617 Ecology (20)
4.393 Ecological Applications (25)
2.671 Ecosphere (55)

Environmental Science Category

IF Journal Name and Rank (of 241)
8.302 Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (5)
4.393 Ecological Applications (36)

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Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

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