ESA Staff

Executive Office

After 20 years helming the Society, Katherine McCarter retired in January to usher in a new era for ESA. Catherine O’Riordan, PhD, joined the Society in April.

Catherine O’Riordan, Executive Director
Read Catherine’s letter to the membership to close her first year with us!

Finance and Administration Office

Elizabeth Biggs, CFO

Thet Khaing Oo, Associate Director, Information Technologies

Gordon Potter, Information Systems Manager

Aye Thaingi Kyaw, Finance and Accounting Associate

George Stephan, Administrative and Governance Assistant

Education and Diversity Office

Teresa Mourad, Director of Education and Diversity

Fred Abbott, Diversity Programs Manager

Meetings Office

Christi Nam, Associate Director of Conventions and Meetings

Wendy Ashburn, Exhibit and Sponsor Sales Manager

Jennifer Riem, Meeting Program Associate

Danielle Slatkin, Meetings Assistant

Member Services Office

Jonathan Miller, Director of Membership and Communications

Maya Sohn, Membership Associate

Public Affairs Office

Alison Mize, Director of Public Affairs

Zoe Gentes, Public Information Manager

Nicole Zimmerman, Public Affairs Manager

Publishing Office

Steve Sayre, Director of Publishing and Marketing

Ellen Cotter, Peer Review Manager

Anne Marie Whelan, Peer Review Manager

Heather Carlo, Peer Review Specialist

Sarah Schneider, Peer Review Assistant

Brad Walker, Peer Review Assistant

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

Sue Silver, Editor in Chief

Peter Mooreside, Executive Editor

Heidi Swanson, Assistant Editor

Science Programs Office

Longtime Director of Science Programs Cliff Duke left ESA in September.

Jill Petraglia Parsons, Associate Director of Science Programs

Emily Mastrianni, Science Programs Assistant