Extending the Tent: 2018 Annual Report

The Ecological Society of America is the professional home of ecologists across the globe. For 103 years, ESA  members have expanded and pushed the boundaries of the science of ecology. We encourage everyone who is interested in our work to delve into our rich history, and we also invite you to revisit ESA accomplishments over the past year.

From the Leadership

Past President Rich Pouyat and Executive Director Catherine O’Riordan provided their thoughts on the year that was, noting important developments and advances for ESA in 2018.

2017-18 ESA President Rich Pouyat   ESA Executive Director Catherine O'Riordan
Past President Rich Pouyat   Executive Director Catherine O’Riordan

2018 Annual Meeting

#ESA2018 in New Orleans was a huge hit. The meeting theme of “Extreme events, ecosystem resilience and human well-being” well summed up the week’s worth of vital science, human connections, career development and steps forward for the Society. Relive the New Orleans experience here!

Ecology in Public Policy

ESA and the Society’s members continue to pursue important work in public policy in 2018. From making sure that ecology is included in policy to preparing graduate students to be advocates for science, it was a great year. Learn more.

Supporting the Next Generation of Ecologists

Thousands of new students begin their pursuit of careers in ecology every year, and ESA takes pride in being part of their preparation. Learn more about 2018’s impact on student outcomes via our mentoring and diversity programs — the first-of-its-kind Career Fair at the Annual Meeting — and the Society’s contributions to new models in ecology education.

Engaging the Scientific Community

ESA is able to facilitate programming and platforms that bring scientists together on projects large and small, and is able to leverage the resources of our community of thousands to make it easier for ecologists to connect with one another. Learn more about how these ever-developing efforts continued to keep ESA at the forefront in 2018.

Communicating the Science of Ecology

ESA’s journals are eminent and renowned as they share important advances in ecological science; ESA uses multiple media platforms to share ecological science with a larger general audience.  View the articles generated by ESA’s efforts to promote the science of ecology.

Career Development

A vital area of ESA’s work is in how it helps to advance the careers of members, whether as academics, researchers or policymakers, or in the private sector. From training on the practical business of running a lab to certifying core competencies, ESA’s work on career development is key to member value and success.

Diverse People for a Diverse Science

ESA is proud to be a society of people as diverse as the field they share, and our ongoing work to support representation and access to opportunity makes us even prouder. Learn more about the work of these key programs in 2018.

Thank You to Our Generous Donors

Hundreds of people — not just members, and not even just ecologists — contributed to the health and growth of ESA’s programs in 2018. Every person on this list made an impact!