News Coverage

The meeting in the news:


In a Changing Climate, Conservative Elephant Seals Suffer” by Rebecca Heisman
Hakai Magazine 27 Sep 2017

How a 3-Ton Mess of Dead Pigs Transformed This Landscape” by Christie Wilcox
National Geographic 22 Sep 2017

Springtime Now Arrives Earlier for Birds” by Julia Rosen
Scientific American 20 September 2017

There are hardly any old fish left in the ocean – and that’s bad” by Michael Tennesen
New Scientist 15 September 2017

Can Snowshoe Hares Adapt to Climate Change?” by Rebecca Heisman
Sierra Magazine 31 Aug 2017

Roadside trees trap asthma-inducing pollutants” by Barbra Rodriguez
Science 23 Aug. 2017

Will only the flexible survive? Researchers are identifying the West’s wildlife that can best cope with climate change.” By Maya Kapoor
High Country News 22 Aug 2017

El Niño enhances carbon dioxide emissions” by Gabriel Popkin
Le Scienze 16 Aug 2017 (Popkin’s 10 Aug Nature story in translation)

Why 14 ecology labs teamed up to watch grass grow” by Ewen Callaway
Nature 15 Aug. 2017

Massive El Niño sent greenhouse-gas emissions soaring” by Gabriel Popkin
Nature 10 Aug 2017

The American pika: A case study in wildlife acclimating to climate change” by Mike Gaworecki
Mongabay 10 Aug 2017

Fuzzy Pikas Adapt to Climate Change at Different Rates” by Adam Aton
ClimateWire (republished in Scientific American) 3 Aug 2017



Community commentary

Three marine fish in a large ecological pondUCSD Gulf of California Marine Program Blog 8 Sep. 2017

RCR Engages with Researchers at the Ecological Society of America ConferenceBlog of the DoD’s environmental research programs 14 Aug. 2017

Fewer results, more open questions: Insights from ESA” by Ignasi Bartomeus Journal of Ecology Blog. 15 Aug. 2017

40 years of ESA meetings: What has changed?” by Laura Huenneke Journal of Ecology Blog. 15 Aug. 2017