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Nature Ecology & Evolution publishes original research, Comment, Reviews, News and Views, Features and Correspondence from across the fields of ecology and evolutionary biology. An online-only monthly journal, our broad scope ensures that the research published reaches the widest possible audience of scientists.

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New Phytologist is an international journal offering rapid publication of high-quality, original research in plant science. Owned by the non-profit-making New Phytologist Trust, we are dedicated to the promotion of plant science. Our activities range from funding symposia and workshops to ensuring free access for our prestigious Tansley reviews.

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Oregon State University is one of only two land, sea, space and sun grant universities in the U.S. Since 1868, the university has focused on making a positive impact through teaching, research and outreach across Oregon and beyond. Oregon State is the largest public research university in Oregon, with $336 million in external research funding in 2016, which represents a second consecutive year of record-breaking growth.

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As Oregon’s only urban public research university, Portland State offers tremendous opportunity more than 27,000 students from all backgrounds. Our mission to “let knowledge serve the city” reflects our dedication to finding innovative, sustainable solutions to local and global problems.

See how mobile our popular CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis & Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measurement system truly is.

Also featured: EGM-5 Portable CO2 gas analyzer & soil CO2 efflux system & latest range of CO2 & CO2/H2O gas analyzers for lab/field. Hansatech (chlorophyll fluorometers & oxygen electrodes); Skye (light sensors); Gill (anemometers & weather stations); & bbe Moldaenke (algae)

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Nature Communications is a multidisciplinary open access journal that publishes high-quality research from all areas of the natural sciences including ecology. Papers published by the journal represent important advances of significance to specialists within each field.

Novagrade produces the world’s highest quality adapters to connect any phone, in any case to any round eyepiece. Microscopes, spotting scopes, telescopes and binoculars can all be used as magnified lens for your cell phone camera. Specialty adapters for tablets and cameras are also available. (See Novagrade at Booth 800 during the meeting.)