Call for Student Volunteers

2017 ESA Annual Meeting
Portland, Oregon
August 6-11, 2017

Application Deadline: June 22, 2017

Please read this page thoroughly before you begin the online application.

About Volunteering

ESA’s staff relies on student volunteers to help run our Annual Meeting each year. We greatly appreciate your interest in helping us in Portland. We will select students (undergraduate or graduate level) to assist with various tasks throughout the week.  Volunteers who complete their assignments  (about 14 hours of work) will receive a refund of their Early Bird registration fee.

If you are presenting at this year’s meeting, you should wait to apply AFTER the scheduling notifications go out in May. We will need you to tell us when you are available during the conference so that we can schedule volunteer work around your presentation. If you’re presenting, we strongly suggest you bookmark this page and come back to fill it out after you know when you’ll be presenting. We’ll mention student volunteering in the acceptance notice as a reminder.

We will consider all complete applications received by June 22. It is in your best interest to submit a complete application on time rather than an incomplete one early.

The two most common reasons we can’t offer someone a volunteer slot are: 1) the applicant lists a lot of conflicts during the week, and we can’t schedule 14 hours of work during the times they are available; and 2) the applicant did not register before the Early Bird deadline. 


In order to be considered for a volunteer assignment at this meeting, each applicant must, by the June 22 Early Bird deadline:

  1. Be a student (as of the deadline).
  2. Register to attend the meeting at the student Early Bird rate (which includes paying the appropriate fee).
  3. Complete and submit the online student volunteer application form.

Volunteer Assignments

Applicants will be notified of their selection and assignments by early July. Student volunteers work several shifts throughout the week to complete the 14 required service hours. Shifts are available every day from Saturday, August 5, through Friday, August 11. Typical assignments are described below.

  • A/V Assistance: Help speakers move their slides onto the laptop in the room and serve as a backup presider in cases where a presider does not show up. No previous experience with A/V support is required. All A/V volunteers will be trained on site at one of three 30 minute training sessions. Time spent in training will be counted as part of the 14 hours of service required.
  • Field Trip Check-In: These are usually early in the morning. Help people check in for their trip and pick up any materials they may need.
  • Event Ticket Taker: Collect tickets at the door, control access to the event, and direct people without tickets to the Onsite Registration Desk. These assignments do not include a free event ticket.
  • Registration Desk: Greet attendees and give them their registration materials, help keep the Registration area organized, and perform other support tasks as assigned by ESA staff.
  • Information Desk:  Answer questions, help attendees sign up to use a Speaker Ready Room, help session presiders and moderators check out various materials they need for their sessions.
  • ESA Booth (Exhibit Hall): Help sell merchandise at the ESA booth.
  • Pack Up: On Friday morning, we need to make sure everything is properly packed and labeled to make it back to the ESA office safely.

If You Are Selected

We will notify all applicants of their status in early July. Every student volunteer will receive their assignments by email.

A print timesheet will be included with each volunteer’s registration materials on site.

A schedule reflecting all student volunteer assignments will also be available in the Student Lounge at the conference.

In order to be eligible for a refund of the meeting registration fee, each volunteer must:

  • Confirm their volunteer assignments when they receive them in early July.
  • Sign a legal form (an accident waiver and release liability form) at the meeting. This will be printed on the back of the volunteer timesheet.
  • Show up on time and complete all volunteer assignments (14 hours).
  • Document completion of all volunteer assignments by having an ESA staff member or other designated alternate sign where indicated on the timesheet.
  • Turn in the completed timesheet at the Registration Desk by 11:30 AM on Friday, August 11.

Volunteers will be eligible for a refund of only their meeting registration fee after completing all volunteer assignments and submitting a completed timesheet. Volunteers are responsible for securing housing, transportation, parking (if applicable), and meals. Volunteers will be reimbursed for the applicable Early Bird student fee, but not for any optional field trip, workshop, or ticketed event fees. Most refunds will be processed after the meeting but no later than October 1, 2017.

Important Dates

late April Volunteer information and application available.
May 25 Contributed presenters notified of abstract scheduling.
June 22 Deadline for Early Bird Registration AND volunteer applications.
Early July Selected volunteers notified of assignments.


If you have a question or need help, please contact Jennifer Riem.


Submit your application here!

If you are presenting, you should wait to apply until you’ve received your presentation scheduling in late May. This application is due June 22.