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Sunday, August 4 – Friday, August 9th

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13 responses to “Roomshare”

  1. Ellie Olpin Avatar
    Ellie Olpin


    My name is Ellie and I just graduated from University of Puget Sound with my BS in Biology. I will be presenting a talk on my research at ESA and I am looking for a roommate to split the cost of a hotel or Airbnb with, preferably another early-career ecologist! Please reach out if you are interested. Thanks 🙂

    1. Alyssa Diodato Avatar

      Hi Ellie,

      My name is Alyssa, I graduated in 2021 with a B.A. in Environmental studies am and re-entering grad school this fall. I’m down to exchange social media/contacts and find a place to stay with you.

      1. Ellie Olpin Avatar
        Ellie Olpin

        Hi Alyssa,

        Great! Send me an email (eolpin@pugetsound.edu) and we can exchange other contact info and coordinate.

  2. Shenglai Yin Avatar
    Shenglai Yin

    This is Shenglai, a postdoc from the University of Oklahoma, specializing in Disease ecology. I am looking for a shared room from 4-9 Aug.

  3. Supraja Avatar

    Hi! I’m Supraja, a graduate student at the University of Georgia. I work on collective behaviour in ants! I’ll be presenting my research on how disease effects can affect collective behaviour in ants, and I’m looking for someone to share a hotel room with to split costs! Please reach out if interested! Thanks 🙂

    1. Clarisse Ishimwe Avatar
      Clarisse Ishimwe

      Hello Supraja
      I am Clarisse Ishimwe, a graduate at University of New Hampshire. I will be attend ESA and presenting a poster. I see that you are looking for someone to share a room with during ESA conference.
      Can we discuss this in details. Reach me out on my email clarisseish48@gmail.com


    This is Fatima, a PhD student from the University of Quebec, specializing in plant forest ecology. I am looking for a shared room from 4-9 Aug to split the costs, thank you.

    1. Xochyl Perez Avatar
      Xochyl Perez

      Hi Fatima, my name is Xochyl Perez. I am also a graduate student presenting a poster at the conference. I am from the University of Michigan and I specialize in plant interactions in Agroecosystems. I am interested in splitting a room with you. Are you planning on staying in a hotel or airbnb?

  5. Amanda Richey Avatar
    Amanda Richey

    Any late-breaking abstract people here who still need a roommate for the conference? I’m a recent grad (MS) working in science policy on the Gulf Coast. I’ll be at ESA Aug 4 through 9.

    1. Nadia Gray Avatar
      Nadia Gray

      Hi Amanda! I am also a late-breaking abstract person who needs a roommate. I am a recent grad (BA) from George Mason University working in wildlife conservation. Would you be interested in exchanging contact information?

      1. Amanda Richey Avatar
        Amanda Richey

        Hi Nadia. Yes, let’s make it happen!

        I also see Elsa Jos might be interested in rooming together too. Please email me at amandaleighrichey@gmail.com and cc elsa.jos@usu.edu so we can make plans accordingly. It seems like some airbnb’s are still in the area, but I’d be down to do one of the conference hotels too.

  6. Elsa Jos Avatar
    Elsa Jos

    Hi Amanda/ or anyone else still looking for housing,

    Yes, same! I’m Elsa, a PhD student at Utah State. If you’re interested in finding housing together, please reach out to me at elsa.jos@usu.edu. Thanks!

  7. Tony Easton Avatar
    Tony Easton

    Hey everyone! My name is Tony Easton, a recent graduate (BSc) from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, with no true specialization, though I’ve done research regarding HABs, snake physiology, stoichiometry, and bat ecology. I’m looking for someone to room with in either a nearby hotel or Air BNB. I grew up in Long Beach, so I am pretty familiar with the place if anyone’s interested in exploring the area.

    Please reach out to me via email if interested! I’ll be there from Aug 5th-8th!

    Email: Anthony.easton@siu.edu
    Twitter/X: @Trippinwithtony

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