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Henry L. Gholz SEEDS National Field Trip

Philip Taylor and Henry Gholz stand in an artic landscape dressed in red winter coats.

Reaching this first goal for the Gholz Endowment was just one step in our long effort to support inclusive participation in ecology.

Currently, our fundraising goal for the SEEDS program is to fully establish the Henry L. Gholz SEEDS Field Trip Endowment, created in honor of Dr. Henry Gholz. Our initial target was to raise $400,000 to support one national field trip each year.

Thanks to the $25K challenge gift from Ms. Vicki Moore to celebrate the SEEDS 25th anniversary in 2021, and another challenge gift of $100,000 from Dr. Phil Taylor, we reached our first milestone of $400,000 at the end of March, 2023.

A SEEDS student poses in a warm jacket on a rocky coast.

Are you SEEDS program alumni?

A group of young ecologists wear life jackets sitting in an aluminum boat on calm water with reeds in the background.

Field trips to ecologically important sites were an integral part of my graduate education. At Rutgers, these were funded through an NSF grant. This fund and the travel fund for students will provide an enduring benefit to our science.

-SEEDS National Field Trip participant