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Postdoctoral Excellence Award in Plant Population Ecology

The Plant Population Ecology (PPE) section of the Ecological Society of America (ESA) is pleased to announce the 2022 Postdoctoral Excellence Award in Plant Population Ecology, sponsored by the journal AoB PLANTS. This honor is presented at ESA’s annual meeting each August and recognizes a distinguished journal contribution to plant population ecology within the past three years by a postdoctoral member of the PPE section. The winner will receive an award of $500 from AoB PLANTS. Established in 2010 and published by Oxford University Press, AoB PLANTS is a non-profit, open-access journal specializing in environmental and evolutionary plant biology. The journal has distinguished Advisory and Editorial Boards, renders first decisions on manuscripts in an average of 30-40 days, and has a 2019 Impact Factor score of 2.18.


Applicants must currently be a postdoc and a member of the PPE section (if applicants are not a member of ESA or the PPE section, they can join prior to applying). Applicants must be first author on the publication, which may result from either dissertation or postdoctoral research. We also welcome applications from postdocs who were the primary mentors for undergraduate student first authors (please explain in the statement). Publications in any journal are eligible, provided they were published within the past calendar year (January December 2021). Manuscripts that were accepted for publication by December 2021 may also be submitted for consideration. Only one publication will be considered per applicant. 


– To apply, submit as a single, merged pdf file with both a qualifying manuscript and a brief (~200 word) statement describing how the paper advances the field of plant population ecology. Applications should be emailed to the PPE Secretary Gaurav Kandlikar ( by June 3, 2022 using “ESA PPE – AoBP Postdoc Award” as the subject line.

Applications will be assessed by the PPE Executive Board.

Past Postdoctoral Excellence Award recipients
2021 Aubrie James, for the paper “Species-specific variation in germination rates contributes to spatial coexistence more than adult plant water use in four closely related annual flowering plants
2020 Po-Ju Ke
2019 Susana Wadgymar
2018 Robert Shriver
2017 William Petry
2016 Jenni McDonald
2015 Eugenio Larios
2014 Jennifer Gremer
2013 Rupesh Kariyat; Roberto Salguero-Gomez (Honorable Mention)
2012 Jennifer Williams

Plant Population Ecology Student Travel/Registration Awards

Applications for PPE Student Travel Awards are available and have a short turn around time. The due date is April 28, 2022, so please help get the word out!! The application short and it is open to student members of PPE.  CLICK HERE TO APPLY:  (Scroll down and click “Apply for Support”)

Past Student Travel Award recipients

2021 Lina Aragón, Danielle De La Pascua, Alejandra Martínez-Blancas, Jacob Moutouama, Zhe Ren, and Verónica Zepeda
2020 Sade Perez Partridge, Alejandra Martínez-Blancas, Verónica Zepeda
2019 Meredith Zettlemoyer, Marcel Vaz, Gaurav Kandlikar, Sarah Johnson, Laura Bogar, Tsung Fung Au
2018 Charlotte Brown, Rebecca Dalton, Julie Davis, Anna Farrell, Gaurav Kandlikar, Josh Scholl, Soren Struckman
2017 Aubrie James, Joshua Lynn, Callie Oldfield, Nikki Forrester
2016 Janelle Eck, Marion Holmes, Shivani Jadeja, Melanie Kazenel, Deirdre Loughnan, Sarah Richman, Matthew Tye
2015 Charlotte C. Trowbridge, Laura Doubleday, Jessica Kettenbach, Gabriella L. Pardee, Jay W. Wason III, Kimberley Taylor, Y. Anny Chung
2014 Zak Gezon, Jeremy Johnson, Brittany West Marsden, Nana Zhang
2013 Kelsey Yule, Megan Sebasky, Miranda Redmond, Will Petry, Kane Keller, Jessica Pratt
2012 Kristin Powell, Juan Alvarez-Yepiz, Will Petry, Matthew Kaproth, Anny Yan-Yi Chung, Bennett
2011 Christopher Bowman-Prideaux, Scott Chamberlain, Aldo Compagnoni, Kimberly Kellett, Abigail Kula, Sean Michaletz, Ian Pfingsten, Rob Strahan
2009 Two awards; awardees unknown
2008 Katherine Gerst
2007 Kristen Hladun
2006 Melanie Barnes, Erika Hersch, Kristen Hladun, Abigail Kula, Somereet Nijjer
2005 Kristin Anton, Richard Lankau, Lori Spindler
2004 Amy Blair, Beth Lawrence