Focus Groups at Disciplinary Society and Professional Association meetings

Eight focus group sessions were held between March – August 2016 to gather perspectives from disciplinary societies and professional associations.


Seven sessions were held at society meetings:


  American Association of Geographers March 2016
  Society for the Study of Evolution June 2016
  Society for Economic Botany July 2016
  Botanical Society of America July 2016
  American Society of Plant Biologists July 2016
  Society for Conservation Biology July 2016
  Ecological Society of America August 2016


The eighth focus group session was held in May 2016 at the ESA headquarters with representatives from the National Association of Agricultural Educators, Alliance of Crop, Soil and Environmental Science Societies, American Society of Landscape Architects, American Fisheries Society, Society of American Foresters and the American Association of Geographers.


A compilation of the focus group sessions may be found here:
2016-09-nextgencareers-focus-groups-summary .doc


Survey on Undergraduate Environmental Biology Career preparation

Faculty, department chairs, program administrators, academic counselors, career services professionals, leaders in graduate schools and others involved in undergraduate environmental biology education were invited to participate. Faculty involved with mathematical biology were strongly encouraged to respond. This survey is to learn about programs preparing students for career tracks in environmental biology as well as the needs of faculty in this preparation.


2016 Survey Results .pdf (Summary report from Survey Monkey)

2016 Survey Highlights .pdf



Job Ad Scan

What do Employers Expect of Recent Graduates in Entry level Environmental Biology Careers?
We reviewed job ads for permanent, full-time positions for entry level jobs at sites where environmental biology jobs are regularly posted including SCB Job Board, USA Jobs,, and as well as Texas A&M University and Warnell School of Natural Resources and Forestry at University of GA.  The review is intended to provide insight into the skill set required at an entry level for a job seeker with an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in a related environmental biology field. The ads were coded for commonly listed skills.


Job Ad Scan Highlights .pdf


Poster presented at Envisioning the Future of Undergraduate STEM Education (EnFUSE): Research and Practice on April 27-29, 2016.

2016-0427 EnFUSE poster .pdf