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The Ecological Society of America is pleased to partner with the National Park Service  to promote and manage the Future Park Leaders of Emerging Change program.

The Ecological Society of America is pleased to partner with the US Geological Survey to offer summer internships to outstanding field-trained undergraduates.

Exploring Ecological Careers – a series in ESA’s Frontiers in Ecology and Environment journal. Call for Authors.

EcologyPlus – an NSF INCLUDES funded pilot project developed in the Washington DC-Maryland area to connect diverse college students and early career scientists with timely and relevant career opportunities and a community of peers and professionals in ecology and related careers across all sectors.


The Next Generation Careers initiative aims to forge connections between academic faculty and administrators, the private sector, government, non-governmental organizations and professional societies interested in environmental biology. This initiative was started as an incubator project funded by the National Science Foundation in the Undergraduate Biology Education track of the Research Coordination Network program (RCN-UBE) in 2015; Award # DBI-1539911.  Its goal was to seed a network to support workforce development for college graduate career progression into environmental biology, including fields such as ecology, evolution, conservation, plant biology and natural resource management.

Future development of the project will


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