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Adventures on the Hill

Last week, I had the privilege to spend several days in Washington DC as a graduate student representative of ESA. Along with biologists from several other organizations, we met with congressional staffers to advocate for the expansion of several federal programs that fund non-medical life science research in the 2008 budget. It was my first experience navigating the marbled halls of Capitol Hill, and although I didn’t come away with pockets full of research money (which was my secret motive for going), the trip was eye-opening on several levels.

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The end of the Leadership Conference and the beginning of a great batch of SEEDS

I sit here in the Wild Palms Hotel sipping coffee and thinking about the great information we gathered this weekend, the ideas that were generated and the amazing insight that the invited speakers gave all of us. I think of whats ahead in my life and in the life of each of the fellows and I know that we will all become great scientists. We have also realized to a greater extent that with becoming a great scientist comes great responsibility to all life.

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SEEDS Leadership Meeting, San Jose CA (DAY 2)

The ESA Strategies for Ecology Education, Developing Sustainability (SEEDS) Program offers professional mentorship, funding and the opportunity for students to develop ecological research through the Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

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ESA activities on biofuels

Recently a number of people on the ECOLOG listserv have either recommended or asked about Ecological Society of America (ESA) activities on the topic of biofuels. ESA is in fact planning several activities on this topic, and we thought readers might appreciate a summary.

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Ecology and Global Democracy

Right now, a constitution is being written for the globe. In it, humans are defining what democracy means for the Earth and all of its inhabitants. In this essay, I want to explore some of the reasons why I think science is deeply relevant to the project of writing a global constitution.

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