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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ESA has temporarily moved to a all-telework model. What this means ...

Environmental Justice Section

We are a diverse group of ecologists committed to promoting and facilitating the involvement of all ecologists in advancing EJ through education, research and public engagement.

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Our Vision

Greg Hitzhusen speaks at a presentation.

Greg Hitzhusen

Our vision of Enviromental Justice (EJ) is a world in which all people enjoy a healthy environment, as well as opportunities for meaningful participation in environmental stewardship actions and policy decision-making processes.

Our Goal

All ESA members should understand the relationship between ecology and environmental justice and should work to address EJ issues.

Bob Murphy


Kellen Marshall

Through publications and annual meeting events, members of the Environmental Justice Section educate ESA members in EJ principles, identify ESA members with expertise and interest relevant to EJ, and assist ecologists in identifying EJ-relevant dimensions of their field. We also partner with community- and faith-based organizations to address pressing local and global environmental issues, and to learn how ecologists can better support community efforts toward environmental justice.

David Inouye

Profiles of Faith Community Outreach

Meg Lowman has been working with Coptic priests in Ethiopia, and led a workshop for them on Ecosystem Services in January of 2013. Watch thsi movie for more information about Meg’s Church Forests of Ethiopia project. Learn more


Three separate portrait images of ecologists in their respective fields.

Partnering with Faith Communities