Bill Parton, Co-chair
Colorado State University
Richard Pouyat, Co-chair
USDA Forest Service
Dale Brockway
USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station
Richard Cruse
Iowa State University
Virginia Dale
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Karl Glasener
American Society of Agronomy
Dennis Ojima
The H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics, and the Environment
Tim Rials
Sun Grant Initiative, Southeastern Regional Center
Philip Robertson
Michigan State University
John Sheehan
LiveFuels, Inc.
Linda Wallace
University of Oklahoma
Kathleen C. Weathers
Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Wally Wilhelm
USDA – Agricultural Research Service

Contact Information

Dr. Clifford Duke
Director of Science Programs
Ecological Society of America
1990 M Street NW, Suite 700
Washington, D.C. 20036