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Production of fuels from plants and agricultural and forestry wastes can reduce both society’s dependence on fossil fuels and net emissions of atmospheric carbon dioxide, the major contributor to global warming. Expanded use of this bioenergy requires assuring that its production and consumption are truly sustainable. This Conference explored the ecological dimensions of biofuels production and identified management strategies and research opportunities to ensure their sustainability.

350 attendees heard invited presentations by leading scientists on:

  • Sustainable development and use of biofuels;
  • Social, biogeographic, land use, and biodiversity considerations; and
  • Ecological dimensions of alternatives for crop selection and production, harvest and transport of product to refinery, and refining of liquid fuels and other co-products.

The Conference concluded with an evening social featuring additional poster presentations and opportunities for attendees to network with presenters and others working in this important field.

ESA position statement on Biofuels Sustainability: ESA has released a position statement that offers the ecological principles necessary for biofuels to help decrease dependence on fossil fuels and reduce carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global climate change.

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