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Welcome to the Agroecology Section of the Ecological Society of America!


Why is agroecology important?

Agriculture covers a significant portion of the world’s globe, provides employment, and contributes to economic development, and feeds all of the world’s populations. Agroecology, the study of agricultural ecosystems and interactions within these ecosystems, is central to sustainably responding to increased demands for greater food and other bioproducts. Agroecology considers the needs of human society, wildlife, and natural resources within an agricultural system. As such, agroecology is not only a science but also a movement and a practice. Agroecology can lead to the development of new technologies or practices that promote improved environmental quality, resilient agroecosystems, more efficient yields, and thriving rural communities.

Branches of Agroecology

Agroecology is cross-disciplinary and spans many scientific disciplines including but not limited to: agronomy, biogeochemistry, ecology, soil science, rangeland ecology, plant physiology entomology, environmental science, sociology, and economics. Agroecology includes both basic and applied research questions.

Who are we?

We are citizens, professionals, researchers, educators, students, and practitioners working who are working at the interface of agriculture and ecology to promote science-based strategies and information essential for developing agricultural systems that are environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable. We seek to foster communication between and among the agroecologist community, growers, and everyone who may be interested in learning more about agroecology.

We maintain a Facebook page, email group, and this website in order to share relevant news, interesting articles, and opportunities with members. We also meet at the ESA national meetings during symposia, special sessions, mixers, or field trips to get to know each other, talk about our research, and plan future events and outreach. We hope to see you there this year!

Agroecology Section Officers

Chair: Andrew Cartmill
Vice-Chair: Amber Kerr
Secretary: Ben Luliano