2014 LDC Conference

2nd Life Discovery – Doing Science Education Conference

San José State University, San José, CA
October 3-4, 2014

Conference Theme

Realizing Vision and Change, Preparing for Next Generation Biology

The theme for the 2nd Life Discovery – Doing Science Conference (LDC) focuses on innovative approaches to instruction and assessment that are suitable, scalable, and adaptable to secondary and post-secondary levels of education, aligning with the objectives of both the K12 Next Generation Science Standards and the Vision and Change for Undergraduate Biology Education.

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Who Should Attend

Researchers and educators –high school through undergraduate – publishers, curriculum developers and all interested in organismal and environmental biology education are welcome to attend. Attendees from all disciplines seeking to connect educational approaches with the rich advances of Biology are also encouraged. The LDC seeks to nurture communities of practice among scientists, educators and administrators to prepare the next generation for the dynamic advances in Biology.

Conference Tracks

  • Dynamic Teaching/Active Learning: Content, curriculum, and lesson plan resources.
  • Hands On/Minds Engaged: Field studies, lab investigations, and data exploration.
  • Assess Learning/Adapt Teaching: Education research, formative assessment, and proficiencies.

Cross Cutting Topics

  • Ecology and Earth Systems Dynamics: The complex interrelationships among Earth’s living and physical systems and their responses to environmental disturbances.
  • Evolution in Action: The drivers, mechanisms and outcomes of biological change – gradual or dramatic – through genetic inheritance.
  • Structure and Function: The relationship between the structure of biological components – from the molecular level to the whole organism – and their function and behavior in living systems.


Questions? Please contact LDC@esa.org.