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Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment on the iPhone

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment launched a new app this week that lets you browse the journal on your tablet or smartphone (though, to be honest, it’s designed for the larger tablet screen and looks pretty small on a phone—you’ll do a lot of zooming). If you don’t have a smart-device, you can download the app to your desktop for a more perusable electronic reading experience.

The app version of Frontiers is not as extensively hotlinked as the standard html version, but it does attempt to recognize links and email addresses, and can take you to the corresponding html version of the article for more versatility. It can create notes and bookmarks, and do simple word searches (it doesn’t do Boolean logic). It has one-page and two-page modes. It can also connect to social media.

The App is hosted by Brightcopy at

If you are an ESA member and you’d like to test drive the new app, open the app landing page and use the email address that signed you up for your ESA membership with the password “Frontiers” to log on. We’ll keep an eye on this page for your startup problems. You can also tweet questions to @esa_org.

The app will be available to all members through September. In fall 2013, you will be offered the choice of subscribing to the app or continuing to receive a monthly print copy. (Online access to Frontiers articles through will continue for all ESA members).

After you’ve tried it, please fill out a survey to let the Frontiers team know how you liked it.

Author: Liza Lester

ESA's Communications Officer came on board in the fall of 2011 after a Mass Media Science and Engineering fellowship with AAAS and a doctorate in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Washington.

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