Funding Support

ESA is happy to support access to the Annual Meeting by those who might not otherwise have funding to participate. Like in past years, we are providing support through two mechanisms:

  • Registration grants
  • Dependent care grants

An attendee may apply for both funding opportunities.

Registration Grants

The value of these grants will be equal to the applicant’s base registration cost. Any additional fees from field trips, short courses, ticketed social events, or other events will need to be paid by the attendee.

Priority will be given to ESA members, especially those who are:

  • Early career
  • Amid a career transition (between industries or occupation types)
  • Student or faculty at minority-serving institutions
  • Student or faculty at community colleges
  • Scientists in the private, nonprofit or government sectors

The deadline to apply for registration grants is February 23, the same deadline as for abstract submissions. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by April 21. Applicants who receive funding will be emailed a coupon code to use when registering. This code must be used by the June 22 early-bird deadline; funds will otherwise be awarded to another applicant.

Dependent Care Grants

These grants of up to $500 per applicant are funded through ESA’s Opportunity Fund. Funds will be provided via reimbursement; accepted applicants will need to provide receipts for products or services acquired along with a reimbursement form. Eligibility is extended to ESA members who are primary caregivers who would not otherwise be able to attend the meeting in Portland due to these responsibilities.

Funds may be used to:

  • Pay for in-person caregiving services
  • Cover additional travel or lodging costs to bring a child, parent, spouse, etc. to Portland
  • Acquire supplemental support (daycare, nursing, etc.) for time spent at the meeting

The deadline to apply for dependent care grants is April 21.

Other Funding Opportunities

Section, chapter and committee chairs, and lead organizers of some program sessions, can submit nominations for our Annual Meeting Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship. If you qualify, get in touch with your chair or organizer about submitting a nomination. Nominations are due March 3.

There are other ways to receive funding support through ESA. The following are not included on this application but will come available later in the year; watch your membership and Annual Meeting communications for details.

ESA members, especially students, are encouraged to seek support through their sections and chapters; these opportunities may include need-based grants or awards based on scientific work. We will publicize these opportunities as they come available.

Students are additionally encouraged to apply for funding through the Les Real and Jim Brown Student Travel Award, which is funded by donations and administered by the Student Section. Students who are accepted as volunteers at the Annual Meeting will be able to have their registration costs reimbursed.

Elected leaders in ESA’s sections and chapters are eligible for dedicated funding.

Apply Now

2023 Annual Meeting Funding Support Application
Which Funding Option/s Are You Applying For?
Do You Normally Pay for Caregiver Services?
Up to $500
Please list current and past volunteer service, leadership, certification, advocacy activities, etc.
What Is Your Current Status?
Highest Degree Earned
Your Education History Included Which of the Following
Please check all that apply
Do You Consider Yourself to Be "Early-career"?
In Which Industry Are You Employed?
Please select the most appropriate; we understand that not everyone's career fits into easy boxes
Please Check the Boxes That Describe Your Employer:
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Your Work Includes Which of the Following?
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Are You the Organizer or Co-organizer of an Invited Paper Session, Workshop or Similar?
Are You an Invited Presenter for an Invited Paper Session, Workshop or Similar?
Do You Have Access to Funds to Support Travel to and Lodging in Portland?
Please note that this application is only for registration and/or dependent care grants; funding for travel, board or lodging are not available through this application